Celebrating Good Neighbor Day in Long Beach

Your local neighbors in Long Beach are often who you turn to when you need a watchful eye on your home while you are away or help with pets, kids, or the mail. Or, it may be that you are new to the area and have yet to meet your neighbors. Maybe you’ve noticed someone is new on your block.

September 28th is the perfect day to do something about any and all of these. That’s because it’s National Good Neighbor Day. President Jimmy Carter made it a national holiday way back in 1978 as a way to always maintain that community spirit. It’s because neighborhoods had strength, unity, and security to our country. They keep us together in times of trouble. 

Just think about the recent national disasters with the hurricanes. It’s neighbors helping neighbors. And, we can’t ever forget that.

Whether you send a handwritten note, tell them in person, or send a sweet gift, National Good Neighbor Day is the best time to start focusing on the benefits of having neighbors.

We’ve got some great gift ideas that you can order in our Long Beach flower shop or through our website:


This stunning flower arrangement offers a cheerful message for your neighbors. It features yellow roses, green hydrangeas, and a locally grown succulent along with numerous accent flowers.


This compact glass cube flower arrangement offers a unique blend of colors and textures. There are hydrangea, sunflowers, spray roses, succulents, curly willow, and bear grass as well as seashells and rocks.


This eye-catching arrangement is a yellow delight. It showcases yellow flowers like gerbera daisies, roses, tiger lilies, and solidago. These are arranged in a clear glass cube that has been lined with fresh-cut lemons and curly willow.


This beautiful combination basket includes fresh flowers and plants many of which will last for years to come if your neighbor has a green thumb.


Besides flowers, we have some other great gifts for Good Neighbor Day. These cookies come from a local Long Beach bakery that we partner with who makes these delicious treats on a daily basis. This assortment includes favorites like chocolate chip, oatmeal with raisins, peanut butter, and coconut macaroons.


Also from our bakery partner, this delightful gift has cinnamon twists, palmiers, cinnamon palmiers, raspberry almond bars, coconut-chocolate chip-walnut bars, and guava cream cheese bars.


This exotic arrangement comes in a cube vase and offers cymbidium orchids, curly willow, moss, and river rocks.


We also have a number of green plants that also make nice gifts like this easy-to-maintain plant that comes in a ceramic pot.

Order today to celebrate your neighbors and thank them for all that they do for you and the neighborhood. Or, it’s a great way to welcome someone new into the area!

Create Smiles with Flowers During National Smile Week

The second week of August is also known as National Smile Week.

This is a reminder to be positive and bring joy to others in your life and around you. It could involve a kind word, a small gesture, or special gift.

Whatever you do, make the most of your efforts to make others smile during this week.

We have a number of flower gifts that are designed to do just that like these special bouquets:


Three-dozen pink roses are a beautiful way to show how much you care for a friend or family member during National Smile Week. These come arranged in a vase with fillers and greenery.


This flower arrangement contains roses, hydrangea, lilies, calla lilies, orchids and more in a wide range of colors.


This bouquet offers stargazer lilies, red roses, and greenery for a beautiful floral display.


This is an incredible presentation with 50 hot pink roses along with tropical foliage, hot pink rocks, and other unique design accents.


This sweet flower arrangement offers dark pink roses and spray roses along with white daisies and button poms in a pink cube wrapped with a polka dot ribbon.


Sunflowers are one of the cheeriest flowers because of their bold color and size. This arrangement features a generous amount of sunflowers delivered in a clear glass vase.


This special basket flower arrangement has sunflowers, alstroemeria, mini carnations, roses, solidago, stargazer lilies and more. The handle basket is accented with butterflies.


These gorgeous lilies arrive in a clear glass vase that has been tied with a satin bow.


Sunflowers fill this basket along with delphinium, daisies, spray roses, and stock.


This creative floral design features lilies in a glass bubble bowl that has been filled with fresh cut oranges and limes.

Order Now!

You can also create your own special flower arrangements by buying in bulk from our Long Beach flower shop or setting up an appointment with our floral design team to work together on a custom flower arrangement.

You can also choose from our current flower and gift collection by ordering in our Long Beach flower shop, calling us, or going on our website today! We also deliver seven days a week now so every day can become a day with extra smiles!

Family Days to Celebrate in July

July offers a lot more reasons to celebrate beyond the Fourth of July.

There are many special occasion days to mark related to certain family members that mean the world to us.

That’s why you will want to send or deliver a special gift on these days so they know just how much you love them.

We’re here to help with a reminder of those special days in July plus offer some great gift ideas that are available for local Long Beach delivery and some for national delivery.

First, mark these dates on your calendar:

Cousin’s Day — July 23

Parent’s Day — July 24

Aunt and Uncle Day — July 26

Father-in-Law Day — July 30

Now, here are some great gift ideas for those family days:


Godiva is a premium chocolatier that makes some of the best treats. Its Gold Ballotin is a 19-piece assortment of classic chocolates with unique flavors and textures. The chocolate gift is presented in a ribbon-wrapped gift box.


Fresh strawberries are generously dipped in rich chocolate and drizzled with creamy white chocolate. You can choose from one of three sizes. This is a local delivery item only.


From our local Long Beach bakery partner comes these rich chocolate brownie triangles with different icing flavors. This is also just for delivery within the Long Beach area and available online for ordering.


Also made by our Long Beach bakery partner for local delivery, it features a butter cookie crust that has been layered with rich pastry cream and filled with assorted fresh fruits before being sealed with an apricot glaze! 


This Long Beach bakery item is a blend of cinnamon twists, palmiers, cinnamon palmiers, raspberry almond bars, coconut-chocolate chip-Walnut bars, and guava cream cheese bars. This is just for delivery within Long Beach


Assorted green plants are arranged in a glass cube. The cube’s exterior has been decorated with curly willow and a dragonfly accent.


This unique arrangement includes cymbidium orchids, papyrus, moss, seashells, and bamboo arranged in a cube vase.


This floral design includes fresh-cut lemons and lime along with tropical blooms and orchids. It’s a truly unique display that will amaze your recipient.

Place your order early for these special days so you don’t forget to show your family some extra love this month!

October Special Day Gift Ideas

afm1Besides Halloween, the month of October has other special days that are made for gifts. There’s the Sweetest Day on October 15th, Bosses Day on October 16th, and Mother-in-Law Day on October 23rd.afm2

Here are some gift ideas we have put together to help you pick out something special whether they are here in Long Beach or across the country.

Sweetest Day

Our gift collection for Sweetest Day includes chocolates and fresh baked goods from our Long Beach bakery partner.

Godiva offers a range of chocolate selections in both milk and dark chocolate in various sizes.afm3

Among our bakery collection, there are scrumptious French Macaroons as well as a Strawberry Mousse Cake that has a thin layer of cake that surrounds a strawberry mousse that has been glazed and topped with whole strawberries.

Bosses Day

Give your boss a special plant display for their office. The Seal Beach Dish Garden has assorted green plants in a cube that has been decorated with curly willow and a dragonfly accent.afm5

Succulent Splendor contains a mixed selection, including kalanchoe, in a circular glass vase.

Cool and Breezy has succulents, curly willow, hydrangea and exotic greenery in a cube that contains rocks and seashells.

Mother-in-Law Day

Treat your mother-in-law to a spectacular floral display. The Majestic contains lavender phaelaenopsis orchids and purple dahlias arranged with roses and hydrangea in a glass container.afm8

Orchid Trade Winds includes red roses, cascading phaeleanopsis orchids, and tropical greenery in a vase filled with seashells. 


You can order in our Long Beach flower shop, by phone, or through our website. Order now for best selection and preferred delivery date.

Time to Celebrate Others During Be Kind to Humankind Week

AFM1The last week in August is dedicated to Be Kind to Humankind Week. It’s celebrated on a global basis from August 25th to August 31st every year.

This is the time to reflect on what you can do to make the world a better place for everyone just by your daily actions.AFM2

A specific theme has been given to each day during Be Kind to Humankind Week that provides a way to focus on a certain type of behavior that involves kindness. These theme days are:

  • Sacrifice our wants for other’s needs Sunday
  • Motorist consideration Monday
  • Touch-a-heart Tuesday
  • Willing-to-lend-a-hand-Wednesday
  • Thoughtful Thursday
  • Forgive your foe Friday
  • Speak kind words SaturdayAFM3

Not only will you make others feel good, but you will also feel more positive and good about what you are doing and how you treat others.

Another nice gesture during this week is to send flowers to someone that may need that much more kindness in their lives.

Here are some ideas for flowers for Be Kind to Humankind Week:AFM6

  • Bubble Bowl Design is a stunning bouquet of pastel roses and white lilies hand arranged in a bubble bowl.
  • Epicurean Delight features roses, hydrangea, and cymbidium orchids in a cylindrical clear glass vase with decorative foliage.
  • Orchid Grotto has phalaenopsis orchids and hydrangea in a cube vase.
  • English Elegance features wildflowers and premium flowers, such as roses, hydrangea, Andromeda, grape hyacinth and berzelia berries.
  • Whisper has white casa blanca lilies and dendrobium orchids along with peach and lavender roses, pink peony and ti leaf in a cube with curly willow and clear gemstones.AFM8
  • Casa Blanca is a stunning white arrangement with lyzianthus, roses, bouvardia, Queen Anee’s Lace and maidenhair fern in a white ceramic vase.
  • Flora Nova is a cube arrangement with red and green roses, green cymbidium orchids, dark blue hydrangea, gloriosa and ti leaf foliage.
  • Limonada is a sunny delight with yellow gerbera daisies, roses, tiger lilies and solidago along with fresh-cut lemons and curly willow.

These flower arrangements and many more are now available. You can make your own or come into our Long Beach flower shop and work with our floral design team on a custom flower arrangement.

Plus, we have cards, gift baskets, balloons, chocolates, fresh baked goods, plants, and seasonal gifts that you can also think about adding to your gesture of kindness.

Celebrate National Smile Week in Long Beach

AFM1The second week of August is designated as National Smile Week.AFM2

This is a week to focus on the positive things we can do to bring a smile to the face of others in our lives or even complete strangers we see throughout the day.

It’s important to think about how we can say nice things or even just a “hello” or “thank you” that could add a smile to someone else’s face.AFM3

We have a wide selection of beautiful and bright flowers that are bound to make someone else smile.

Each of these stunning arrangements can show your friends, family, colleagues or clients just how much you care about them during this special week and the whole year round:

  • Graceful Gerberas contains 13 assorted colors of this bold and beautiful daisy arranged in a clear glass vase.
  • Long Beach Daisy Delight features orange roses and gerberas, hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, curly willow and spray roses.AFM4
  • Sunny Sunflowers is a vase full of sunshine, overflowing with numerous sunflowers.
  • Pretty in Pink is a small floral design that features ranunculus, lilies, hot pink roses and bouvardia in a low cylindrical vase.
  • Calla Light features white calla lilies, hydrangea, and roses arranged in a clear glass rectangular vase with a foliage bow.AFM5
  • Lovely Larkspur has larkspur, alstromeria, casa blanca lilies, carnations and daisy poms in a ginger jar vase wrapped in a pink polka-dot ribbon.
  • Purple Pizazz has purple allay lilies and roses in a glass cube accented with greenery.
  • Simple Elegance has white cymbidium orchids, casa blanca lilies, tulips, hydrangea, snapdragons, wax flower and ruscus arranged in an open floral design style.AFM6

You can order in our Long Beach flower shop, call us, or go to our website.

Most of these selections ship around the U.S. as well as throughout the Long Beach area.

Don’t miss out on making someone smile during National Smile Week!

Enjoy the Special Eating Days in July

AFM3While every month has its special occasion days that are to be celebrated, July has a lot of really tasty special food days.

These special days or eating events include the fact that July is National Hot Dog Month. Here is a list of other special July food days:

  • National Sugar Cookie Day – July 9
  • Pecan Pie Day – July 12
  • National Ice Cream Day – July 17
  • Lollipop Day – July 20
  • National Junk Food Day – July 21
  • Milk Chocolate Day – July 28
  • Cheesecake Day – July 30

You can choose to celebrate these with a special barbecue or party or just send a special gift to a favorite friend or loved one.AFM4

They all sound so delicious that you may find yourself enjoying and celebrating more than one this month.

We have a few goodies in our online bakery and gift shop that might make it even easier to get involved in these special July food days.

Our online bakery was created in partnership with a local Long Beach bakery that makes all their items fresh every day so you have the best quality items to enjoy yourself or to send to loved ones.AFM2

Here are some of the goodies we offer:

  • The Brownie Assortment offers mouth-watering chocolate brownie triangles that are covered types of icing. You can opt to get 12, 18, or 24 brownies.
  • The Chocolate is the Answer Cookie Assortment contains a wide array of flavors. This assortment offers chocolate dipped heart cookies, chocolate chip cookies, almond biscotti, walnut bars, chocolate ganache-filled butter cookies, coconut bars and chocolate chip bars. You can get 16, 20, or 24 cookies.
  • Our Chocolate Dipped Strawberries feature large, ripe strawberries dipped in rich chocolate. On top of the already scrumptious chocolate, we add a drizzle of white chocolate. Quantities include 6, 8, or 12 strawberries.
  • We also feature Godiva Belgian Chocolates. This 19-piece assortment comes with classic favorites and intriguing textures. It is delivered in a classic box with two-toned ribbon.AFM1

Orders for the online bakery must be placed online through our website and are available for delivery only in the local Long Beach area.