National Grandparents’ Day is September 10th

It’s that time of year again to stop and reflect on just how much your grandparents mean to you. They are special members of the family that are often lonely and could use a little extra attention. This is a great time to take them out for a meal, call them, or send them some flowers with your love.

Here are some of our most popular flower arrangements that your grandparents are sure to love whether they live here in the Long Beach area or they are across the country:


This fresh-cut flower arrangement features premium flowers like roses and calla lilies. You can choose various styles of glass vases.


This adorable flower arrangement includes dark pink roses and spray roses as well as white daisy and button poms in a pink cube vase. It also includes a polka dot ribbon around the cube.


Your grandparents will receive two-dozen premium red roses in a vase. The arrangement also includes seasonal greenery and fillers.


This stunning flower arrangement includes numerous types of premium flowers in a dazzling array of colors. There are roses, tulips, peonies, gerbera daisies, calla lilies, hydrangea and more, depending on flower availability.


This is a simple, yet sophisticated, flower arrangement that features lilies and greenery in a vase that has been tied with a bow to match the lily color.


This is a European garden inspired flower arrangement. It offers peonies, gerbera daisies, tulips, roses, hydrangea, statice, blueplurum, oncydium orchids, and curly willow in a vase of your choice.


This is a garden bouquet in a basket. It contains delphinium, daisies, spray roses and stock in an array of colors. 


If your grandparents are fans of pink, then this is the flower arrangement for them. Various shades of pink are displayed in the snapdragons, gerbera daisies, mini carnations, roses, and stargazer lilies featured in this arrangement. The flowers come in a glass urn style vase.

On Sale and On Order

The good news is that many of these flower arrangements are also now on sale!

Remember that we can deliver throughout the United States. We also do local deliveries throughout Long Beach seven days a week so your grandparents can get their flowers on Sunday if there is delivery availability.

National Grandparents’ Day is September 11th

afm1This Sunday, it’s time to celebrate those special people in our lives known as our grandparents.

They are like bonus parents except they like to spoil you and just want to enjoy you. You are a joy to them.afm2

Now, it’s time to show them just how much you love what they do for you and the advice and knowledge they impart to you.

It’s National Grandparents’ Day so no matter where they are in the country we can help you send them a special gift of flowers, a flowering plant, or dish garden that let’s them know you are thinking of them.

We have some great ideas to share that may make a perfect gift for National Grandparents’ Day, including the following items some of which are new to our fall flower collection and are on sale for a limited time:afm4

  • Tuscan Sun includes sunflowers, mum, and orange accent flowers.
  • Fields of Fall offers the best of our fall flowers wrapped with a raffia bow.
  • The Name Your Price Fall Bouquet is a great idea because it leaves it up to us to create something spectacular from our fall flowers based on your prince point. These come hand-delivered in a glass vase.afm5
  • Floral Inspirations is a unique floral display with Mokara orchids, pin cushion protea, calla lilies, bear grass arches and river rocks.
  • Calico Autumn has red roses, purple and green hydrangea, and berry accents for a bold floral display.
  • Allen’s Autumn Basket has yellow flowers like solidago, daisy poms, and gerbera daisies along with peach carnations and roses, lavender snaps and greenery in a yellow handled fall basket.
  • Limonada is a display of yellow with gerbera daisies, roses, tiger lilies and solidago in a clear glass cube that has been lined with fresh-cut lemons and curly willow.afm6
  • Sunkist includes spray roses, daisy poms, and lilies along with greenery and accents in a glass vase.

You can order these and more from our Long Beach flower shop by coming in or calling us, or you can go online to our website and order from there.afm7

Be sure to order now for best selection and to take advantage of our current promotions!

Celebrate National Grandparents Day on September 13th

AFM1Our grandparents are some of the most special people in our lives. We treasure them for their knowledge and experience plus the fact that they do a pretty good job spoiling us.AFM2

They probably would like to hear from us more than we actually do and so it’s a good idea that there are some extra special days in the year to celebrate them.

One of these is National Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 13th.

Your grandparents will love to receive something special on this day that is set aside just for them.AFM3

And, we are here to help whether you come to our Long Beach flower shop, call us, or order through our website.

A great place to start shopping for National Grandparents Day is our new fall collection, which features stunning flower arrangements and gifts.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on thinking what your grandparents might like:

  • Floral Inspirations features Mokara orchids, pin cushion protea, bear grass arches and calla lilies in a container that has been filled with river rocks.AFM4
  • Calico-Autumn has green and purple hydrangea mixed with red roses and red berries in a low round vase.
  • An Autumn to Remember is arranged in a rustic terracotta pot with lilies, berries, and roses.AFM5
  • Autumn Garden Blooms includes yellow alstromeria and snapdragons along with Yoko Ono poms, orange Asiatic lilies, wheat and curly willow tucked into a fall basket.
  • The Double Mum Planter has two oversized blooming mum plants contained within a brown wicker basket.
  • The Seasonal Lily Basket has stunning orange lilies that have been accented with eucalyptus and then placed in a wicker basket.
  • The Winds of Fall have seeded eucalyptus along with cream roses, orange gerberas, hydrangeas and hypericom in a clear glass bunch vase.AFM7

We also still have many summer flowers available, including many specially priced.

You might also consider any of our gift baskets, balloon bouquets, greeting cards or green plants.

We also can custom create anything special that your grandparents might particularly enjoy.

Just stop in and arrange to speak to our floral design team.

Celebrating National Grandparents Day

lb2National Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 7th. It is a special day where you can celebrate those family members that love and often spoil you. While you more than likely treasure them each day, it is still nice to set aside a special day to formally recognize that appreciation for them.lb3

Great Ways to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

There are so many ways that you can celebrate this special day with your grandparents, especially if they live nearby:

  • Take them out for a meal or have them over for dinner.
  • Spend the day out together doing something they enjoy.
  • Help them around their house with repairs, maintenance, or cleaning.
  • Just spend time with them whether it is listening to a story or just sharing your life. They may get lonely so this is a nice way to spend the day.
  • If you don’t live nearby, you can always call or video chat with them.
  • Give them a gift.
  • Do all of the above!

Great Gift Idea for Great People

Here are some of the gift ideas we have for Grandparents Day that reflects our expansive collection of gifts available in our Long Beach flower shop as well as through our online florist store:LB1

  • Our Fall flower collection has arrived and it features many beautiful selections of fall colors and fall flowers in unique containers. Many of thee are very traditional and may appeal to your grandparents.
  • You can also create a custom flower arrangement for your grandparents using our fresh-cut floral selection to match their favorite varieties, color, and floral style. Bring in your own container or items that can personalize it for your grandparents for a touching gift.lb6
  • We have an incredible online bakery of baked goods made on a daily basis by our bakery partner. This collection of scrumptious items includes everything from cookies and macaroons to fruit tarts and cakes.
  • Our gift selection also includes balloons, greeting cards, and gourmet gift baskets full of seasonal fresh fruit, savory items, and sweet treats.

Long Beach and National Delivery for Grandparents Day

We deliver flowers, plants, and gifts throughout Long Beach and Los Angeles as well as throughout the country. You can order in-store, by phone, or online now to receive same-day delivery on our collection for Grandparents Day. Time to start shopping for those special people in your life!

Grandparents Day is September 8th

tropicalafm5National Grandparents Day is just days away. How will you tell your grandparents you love them or that you respect their worldly wisdom and guidance? This national celebration is a special day set aside to let them know just how special they are even if you don’t already do that as often as possible.

dealafm3This blog post will help you get ready for celebrating this special day. Even though it is just days away doesn’t mean you can’t put something together last minute that will show your love and appreciation.

The History and Purpose of Grandparents Day

If you did not know how this special day came about, here’s a brief history. Basically, National Grandparent’s Day was started by Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade in 1970 in her home state of West Virginia. A few years later, it became a national holiday in 1978 that is now celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

The primary purpose has always been to recognize the value that grandparents play in the family unit and in the community. They represent experience and wisdom and provide a great example for grandchildren to emulate. Plus, they are often some of the most trusted caretakers for our children.

How to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Celebrating Grandparents Day is often a very personal matter and dependent on how near you are to each other, their health, and their preferences. Here are some ideas on ways you can love and honor them on their special day:earth3earth1

  • Pick up the phone and call them.
  • Write them a letter that tells them why you love and appreciate them.
  • Make them a card or special homemade gift.
  • Enjoy a day out together, visiting special places.
  • Reminisce over lunch or dinner.
  • Plan a family reunion.
  • Send them a gift that will brighten their day like flowers, a plant, or a gift basket.

If you plan to send them a gift from us at Allen’s Flower Market, know that you can get same day delivery for anywhere locally or nationally. We have a wide selection of stunning, high-quality, and affordable floral arrangements, indoor green plants and dish gardens, gifts and gift baskets, and cards that will be sure to make Grandparents Day that much more special.cookie1

Whatever you do, your grandparents will know just how much you love and appreciate them this Sunday and the whole year round!

Celebrating Grandma and Grandpa with Help from Allen’s Flower Market

As a child, there is something just magical about hitting the road to grandma’s house, it is an adventure really. Anyone who spent their childhood visiting Grandma and Grandpa probably know the routine.

Your parents would drop you off and from that point on you would spoiled incessantly until your parents came to pick you up. While there, you get food and treats mom would never buy; you get to stay up late; you probably get a couple of new toys. Not to mention there is the fact that you are excited by visiting somewhere mysterious and new.

National Grandparents Day

Like moms and dads, our grandparents get their own special day, too. Maybe you knew about this and maybe you didn’t, but either way the holiday is just around the corner. Started in 1978 after three long years of phone calls and petitions to various people in the government, Marian McQuade got what she was after. President Jimmy Carter officially declared the Sunday after Labor Day to be National Grandparents Day.

It all started years before though. Marian rightly believed that the elderly had many things to teach us and that they should be respected. In her home of Oak Hill, West Virginia, she taught the local kids to respect the elderly and even organized ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ events of sorts.

She struggled in her town and state to create such a holiday, but in 1978 it came to be and now even has its own theme song — ‘A Song for Grandma and Grandpa’ was written by Johnny Prill. This song received widespread acclaim, making it the perfect song for the holiday.

While the holiday is a secular national holiday in the United States, the holiday or at least its theme is actually celebrated in various places all over the world. The dates vary and chances are they have a specific song representing it.

Come Celebrate with Us

This year, the holiday falls on September 9th and, at Allen’s Flower Market, we would like to say that we have just thing for Grandma and Grandpa. Offering beautiful, unique, and fresh arrangements all at a very modest price, you are bound to find something that is just perfect for making Grandma’s day a little more special.

If Grandpa likes flowers and plants, then you can find something perfect for him too. Maybe both would enjoy a gift basket of special treats or fresh fruit. We can even add cards and balloons should your grandparents enjoy an extra touch that shows just how much you love them.