Homecoming Season in Long Beach

It’s homecoming season at Long Beach high schools, which means there’s a lot of planning you are most likely now doing!

It’s about getting the right outfit and planning to look your best. Part of homecoming dance is arriving with flowers, including a homecoming corsage for her and a boutonniere for him. Some girls even like to put flowers in their hair as part of their homecoming look.

Whatever you are thinking of, consider our Long Beach flower shop as your partner in getting ready for the big dance. Not only are our homecoming flowers unique and fresh, but they are also affordable and convenient to pick up.

Here are some of the options we have available for corsages, which have matching boutonnieres available:



This wristlett corsage includes three hot pink roses, red dendrobium orchids and hypericum, hot pink grass, rhinestones, and greenery. wrist.


This wristlett corsage offers pink roses, green dendrobium orchids, and ribbons in a crescent shape. 


This corsage wristlett includes white cymbidium orchids, pink roses, eucalyptus, variegated pittosporum, ribbon, and silver decor wire.


This elegant corsage can be placed on the wrist or pinned on. Its white color scheme includes roses, spray roses, and freesia along with blue belladonna delphinium, a ribbon, and seeded eucalyptus.  


This gorgeous corsage includes white roses, Bombay dendrobiums, rhinestones, and ivy along with a white bow.

Don’t forget that if you call now, you can also schedule an appointment to get custom homecoming flowers. You’ll need an appointment with our floral design team, but you will certainly stand out on that crowded dance floor with a corsage that no one else has!

Celebrating Homecoming in Long Beach!

afm1It’s that special time of year when local Long Beach high schools celebrate homecoming, a special time where alumni from previous years return to the school to celebrate with the current student body.afm2

There’s a parade, football game, homecoming king and queen, and big dance.

The dance is a time to get your best clothes on and go unwind from school. Part of this ritual includes flowers, something we know just a little bit about!afm3

We offer the freshest, most unique, and value-oriented selection of homecoming flowers, including corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets for the homecoming court, and flowers for the dance and parade floats.

Check out these stunning examples of what we can produce for your homecoming dance:

  • 3 Hot Pink Rose Corsage is a wristlet corsage with three hot pink roses, red dendrobium orchids and hypericum, hot pink grass, greenery and rhinestones.afm4
  • Perfectly Purple is a wristlet corsage with three purple roses, misty blue, and purple ribbon.
  • Alsroe and Roses is another wristlet corsage with alstromeria, roses, and ribbons.
  • The Crescent Corsage is a wrist corsage with pink roses, green dendrobium orchids, and ribbons arranged into a crescent shape.afm5
  • The Fancy Freesia Corsage is a pin-on or wrist corsage that contains white roses, spray roses, and freesia with dark blue Bella Donna delphinium, seeded eucalyptus, and ribbons.
  • Le Orange Corsage is a wristlet corsage with two shades of orange roses, hypericum, eucalyptus and ribbons.
  • The Rose Garden Wristlet has blush dendrobium orchids, pink roses, lavender stock, seeded eucalyptus, ming fern and rhinestones.afm6

These examples of homecoming corsages also have available matching homecoming boutonnieres to make sure the date is a perfect match.

You can order online, in our Long Beach flower shop, and by phone.afm7

Our floral design team is also available by appointment to create custom orders for homecoming!

Homecoming in Long Beach

afm1Homecoming has arrived in Long Beach so there are many festivities, including the big football game and dance at all local Long Beach high schools.

With so many plans to make, we want to make some of it easier for you by offering stunning homecoming flowers, including homecoming corsages and homecoming boutonnieres, that are designed to match your homecoming dress and tux as well as meet your budget.afm2

To give you an idea of what is possible, here are some designs available by phone, in our Long Beach flower shop, and online:afm3

  • Three Hot Pink Rose Corsage Wristlet contains three hot pink roses, red hypericum, red dendrobium orchids, hot pink grass, greenery and rhinestones.
  • Perfectly Purple is a wristlet corsage with three purple roses, misty blue, and a purple ribbon.
  • Alsroe & Roses offers a corsage wristlet that features roses, ribbons, and alstromeria.
  • The Fancy Freesia Corsage has white roses, spray roses, and freesia with dark blue Bella Donna delphinium, seeded eucalyptus, and satin ribbon. It’s a traditional pin-on corsage.afm4
  • The Rose Garden Wristlet has blush dendrobium orchids, lavender stock, pink roses, seeded eucalyptus, ming fern and rhinestones.
  • The Yellow Rose Corsage has yellow roses, eucalyptus shoots, hypericum and ribbons in this wristlet corsage.afm5

All of these have matching boutonnieres to coordinate your attire for those all-important homecoming pictures.

Of course, you can also custom design your own homecoming corsage and boutonniere with the help of our floral design team.

Be sure to set an appointment and bring in your dress so we can create something extraordinary for this special homecoming dance.afm6




Homecoming Corsages and Boutonnieres for Long Beach Students

april7lb2It’s that time of year again for homecoming weekend with the big game and a special dance throughout the Long Beach area at all private high schools and public high schools. Our floral design team in our Long Beach flower shop can help you design the perfect homecoming corsage and homecoming boutonniere. All of our homecoming flowers are the freshest available to last through the night and even be kept as a treasure afterwards.april7lb4

This means offering the types of homecoming flowers, colors, and prices to suit all styles, preferences, and budgets. Plus, our floral design team can even custom create your homecoming corsage and homecoming boutonniere to fit your own unique style or special dress. Just bring in your ideas and even your gown and we can work together to create magic.

Long Beach Homecoming Corsages

Our collection of homecoming corsages includes stunning flower choices in brilliant colors that can be pinned to the shoulder or it can have a bracelet tied to it to make it a wrist corsage. We’ve got rhinestones, ribbons, and other jewels to create something truly extraordinary for your special evening.

Be sure that you use the homecoming corsage in a way that complements your homecoming dress. It can be in a contrasting color or a lighter or darker shade to your dress. Think of it as an accessory like a necklace, so that you can add some sparkle or bling to the look or keep it traditional with ribbons and greenery if that suits the style of your dress.april7lb6

Long Beach Homecoming Boutonnieres

We have a wide array of homecoming boutonnieres for the guys to wear on their tuxedos that complement their date’s homecoming corsage. Order these together for convenience and value. These include roses, orchids, or other flowers that can be wrapped and highlighted by a touch of bling, greenery, and ribbon to match the homecoming corsage. april7lb1

Homecoming Flower Delivery in Long Beach

To save you time, we can deliver homecoming corsages and homecoming boutonnieres to your address throughout Long Beach and areas of Los Angeles. We know you have a lot to do to get ready for the big dance. Just be sure to order as soon as possible in order to get your preferred delivery time!

Homecoming Arrives at Long Beach High Schools: Time to Order Corsages and Boutonnieres

homecominglb2Now that school is well underway, it’s time for one of the year’s favorite seasonable activities known as homecoming. It’s where new, returning, and past students get together and cheer on the football team in a home game as well as homecoming dance. It’s a time to celebrate and get dressed up.

homecominglb1Part of the whole process in preparing for homecoming – besides the dress, tuxedo, and limo – is to select the homecoming corsage and boutonniere. This blog post offers some tips for picking the perfect homecoming flowers and shows you some of the latest styles for corsages and boutonnieres.

Selecting Your Homecoming Corsage or Boutonniere

Rather than just picking the first corsage or boutonniere you see, think about these factors first so you can get exactly what you want that will be the finishing touches on a memorable time:

  • Type of dress: A pin-on corsage doesn’t look too good and may not even fit on a strapless dress, so it would be better to select a wrist corsage or nosegay corsage (small bouquet of flowers).
  • Style: Nowadays, there aren’t just traditional rose corsages to choose from; instead, you have orchids, lilies, poms and more. There are also fall-themed corsages and boutonnieres with leaves, wheat, and berries. There are even corsages with bling like rhinestones and pearl accents.
  • Color of dress: You will want your corsage to coordinate with your dress. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color as it could get lost in the dress if you are wearing a pin-on corsage.homecominglb3
  • Price: Of course, price is always an issue, but there are so many styles and flower types to choose from that there is bound to be something that fits your budget. Typically, corsages range from $10-$100, depending on what you want, and boutonnieres are a little less as they are smaller.

Various Styles of Corsages and Boutonnieres

On our online flower store, we have 50 different styles of corsages and boutonnieres alone let alone what we can custom create for you to suit your homecominglb4style and budget. Our floral design team has added some beautiful, eye-catching corsage designs and upgrades for the corsages and boutonnieres.

Hand Delivered Homecoming Corsages and Boutonnieres

We understand you have a lot to do on the day of the big dance. That’s why all of our homecoming corsages and boutonnieres can be hand delivered to you throughout the Long Beach area.