Celebrate Hug Holiday Day!

Every June 29th, there is a special holiday that reminds us all to stop and show a little love to friends, family, colleagues and maybe just someone who looks like they could use a little squeeze. Known as Hug Holiday Day, it encourages everyone to give someone else a hug as it is thought that a hug does have physical and emotional benefits for the person giving and receiving a hug.

It was created by the Hugs for Health Foundation as a way to stimulate more caring and positive interactions between people, especially for older people or those who are sick as they tend to get lonely and depressed. It is also a way for the Hugs for Health Foundation to draw attention to the need for more volunteers and people to help those that cannot get out and socialize.

This means it is a great time to hug your kids, your spouse, your pets and any friends or colleagues that feel comfortable getting that kind of affectionate squeeze! This is a day to think about others and take that moment to recognize others and how important and loved they are by you.

All too often, our lives become so busy that we forget that little moments like a hug can alleviate stress or sadness. In return, we have a moment that offers the same time to step away from the tension and hectic pace of everyday life.

Ways to Celebrate Hug Holiday Day

While there is the obvious way of sharing a hug with as many as people as you can, there are other ideas that can extend the purpose and idea of Hug Holiday Day to help fulfill the mission of the Hugs for Health Foundation:

  • Volunteer somewhere like a senior center or senior health care facility, passing out hugs and getting involved in efforts to provide support and friendship that extends beyond just this one day.
  • Donate to a group that is involved in promoting volunteer work or some type of work geared toward helping the community, seniors, shut-ins or the disadvantaged.
  • Send a virtual hug and message of love by selecting a flower bouquet, plant or blooming plant, or gift basket for those who you cannot reach out and hug due to the geographical distance between you! Sunflowers, carnations, and orchids are flowers that are often shared to show affection. While it is not the same as physical contact, it lets other people know that you would hug them if you could. Of course, a phone call or personal note also can become your virtual hug.

Whatever you do, you are bound to feel good because you made someone else’s day or even their week!