Passover Begins at Sundown on Monday, March 25th

passoverf1This year, Passover begins on Monday, March 25th at sundown and ends on Tuesday, April 2nd. It is a very special celebration for those of the Jewish faith and one that incorporates family and tradition as well as sacrifice, reflection, and delicious food. This blog post shares some background on Passover, traditions, and ideas on how to incorporate flowers into the Passover celebration.

Traditions and Meanings

Passover is a way to commemorate the release of Hebrew slaves from enslavement in Egypt in which the doors of the Hebrew slaves were passed over because they did as God instructed them to do. Their obedience was rewarded and they were set free.

passoverf4Passover includes delicious meals and a list of traditions that remind each person celebrating Passover of the importance of obedience, reverence, and respect for God and for the Jewish beliefs. 

The table is set for Seder, a delicious feast that takes places over a few of the nights of this eight-day celebration.

Even if you are a Gentile, you may have Jewish friends and might be curious about Passover. If invited, you should consider attending a Seder to see the traditions and taste the extraordinary food.

Passover Flowers

To set the beautiful spring table that is central to Passover, the season brings a wide array of seasonal flowers in bright hues and pastel shades. These include lilies, carnations, tulips, daffodils, sunflowers, violets, daisies, pussy willow, iris, hyacinths, forsythia and cherry blossoms.

Flowers fit everywhere during Passover. Here are some ideas:passoverf3

  • Add them to the entrance of your home to welcome guests.
  • Give guests and your family boutonnieres and corsages for the religious services.
  • Set the Seder table with floral centerpieces or in vases along the table and any sideboards in the dining room.
  • Fill a wicker basket or clay pot with flowers as these are traditional holders used during Passover. Add candles for an additional effect.
  • Include flowers on any buffet tables used for the Passover food.
  • Add more flowers to any guest rooms in case you have out-of-town guests as this will provide a warm welcome.

Flowers are traditionally important and part of the last night of Passover known as the Night of Lettuce and Flower Baskets. During this tradition, men would have flowers, flower baskets, or baskets of lettuce that they would use as a symbol of their interest in getting engaged to a woman.

passoverf2It would serve as a symbol for that woman and her family. This can be incorporated in your modern celebration as well and could even serve as an opportune time for a proposal!

Whatever you choose to do, make Passover a special time for you, your family, and your friends.