Celebrating Houseplant Appreciation Day with Extra TLC

January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day. While you don’t have to necessarily say “thank you” to them or give them a gift, you can appreciate the value and benefit they add to your life. Not only do they gift you with beauty and health, but they also double as a way to decorate your home or office. They come in many shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, offering something for everyone — men and women, alike, enjoy these indoor plants.

Even better is the fact that houseplants can last a long time with just a little maintenance. Here are some tips for your houseplant care regimen to ensure you give them the TLC they deserve:


Although there are a few houseplants that actually don’t mind dim interiors, most need some type of indirect light, especially blooming houseplants. Just place them near a bright window. Alternatively, you can use fluorescent or grow lights. Each plant requires a different amount of light so research more about them prior to buying them. 


Most houseplants need a container with drainage holes. This allows them to be watered without becoming drowned. Too much water can lead to root rot. Regularly change out the plate that catches the water from these drainage holes.


Even plants need to stay clean. That’s why you need to clean off any dust or debris that appears on them. This dirt can block the sunlight they need. You can rinse them off with a spray of water, use a moist sponge, or wipe with a dry cloth. Any type of plant that has fuzzy leaves can be cleaned with a toothbrush or paintbrush.


Whether it is blooming plants or green plants, you can encourage new growth or blooms by regularly removing any yellow or brown leaves. Also, be sure to cut stems back that have lost their leaves.  


Most plants do not respond well to drafts. Be sure to place them far away from things like heating or air conditioning vents or doors and windows.


If you see brown on your houseplant leaves, then it means that the air in your home or office is too dry for them. Add moisture by grouping plants together. Also, you can place them on top of pebbles in trays or saucers that are filled with a little water. Alternatively, you can mist your plants or use a humidifier.

Things to Worry About

You will want to regularly check your houseplants to make sure there are no issues like insects or diseases. Left untreated, these types of issues can spread quickly and harm your plants.

Green Plants for Sale

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Loving the Green on Houseplant Appreciation Day!

afm1Everything should be celebrated, and that includes houseplants, which now have their own celebration day on January 10th.

It’s a perfect way to recognize the natural beauty and unique look that green and flowering plants have as well as take the leap into getting your own and learning how to care for them.afm2

While you may think it requires a green thumb, houseplants are really quite easy to take care of.

All you need to do is focus on light, water, temperature, and fertilizer.

To help you out, we have provided a comprehensive plant care guide that gives you various tips on different types of green and blooming plants.

Here is a brief description of some of the plant care tips we provide:

  • Dish gardens, which typically come in some type of planter and includes a number of green plants, typically focus on a combination of low light level plants that share growing condition preferences, including moist soil. Some of these dish gardens offer both green and blooming plants that like moderate temperature and feed on regular green plant fertilizer.afm4
  • Blooming plants include kalanchoe, mum plants, violets, begonia and others that bloom with color at certain points in the year. They like moist soil and indirect bright light.
  • Green plants include corn plants, rubber plants, dracaena, ficus, philodendron and pothos as well as other similar varieties. They like moderate moisture and temperature as well as indirect bright light.
  • Orchids have their own unique fertilizer to use plus they need to be watered at least twice a week. They also like to have their foliage misted with a water bottle.afm3

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We also have basket gardens and succulent plants along with indoor green plants for the home or office, blooming plants, and dish gardens.

Flowering and Blooming Plants Make a Special Occasion Perfect

AFM1While flower arrangements add extraordinary beauty to any special occasion, a great alternative is to use flowering plants or blooming plants.

afm2One reason this alternative is good is because some people may be allergic to flowers or are not comfortable with the fragrance of many flowers.

Another reason is that flowering and blooming plants often tend to last a lot longer or can even be replanted in a garden to enjoy for many years to come with easy maintenance.afm3

To show you just how perfect flowering and blooming plants can make a special occasion, check out these ideas from our collection here at our Long Beach flower shop and through our online flower shop:

A Tulip Plant offers extraordinary colors and comes in a six-inch basket. It’s only available from October to May so plan to add this to a Fall or Spring occasion.afm4

The Anthurium Plant is a colorful addition to any occasion as is the Kalanchoe Plant. We offer different sized blooming plants in various colors and containers, including ceramic pots and baskets.

Azaleas with a Twist is a unique display for a blooming plant that comes in a six-inch pot. It will be a real standout at an event or as a gift.afm5

The Blooming Hydrangea Plant comes planted in a six-inch pot and is then placed in a woven basket.afm6

The Potted Gardenia Plant offers fragrance with dark green, glossy leaves and white blooms in a woven wicker basket.

The Blooming Euro Basket Garden provides a way to combine many beautiful blooming and green plants together in a garden-style basket arrangement.

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