Celebrating President’s Day with Flowers and Gifts

city1President’s Day weekend is upon us and many people will be spending their time in different ways. Some have probably already left for the weekend on a short vacation while others may be enjoying the time off at home, relaxing, or doing chores.

No matter what you find yourself up to over the President’s Day holiday, it is important to remember why we as a country celebrate it.

Washington’s Birthday

George Washington was the first president of our fine nation and the holiday was initially established to celebrate his birthday. Congress implemented and declared the holiday a federal holiday in 1879.

In more recent years, many states have begun observing both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday during President’s Day. This is however not federally recognized.

 Some people also use the holiday to celebrate all past and present presidents in respect of the burden they have taken on in running the nation. However, like the inclusion of Abraham Lincoln, this practice is not officially federally recognized.

It’s a Celebration

Do you know a history buff or have an American History teacher in school or college? Maybe you have someone in your own family who happens to adore our countries history. Getting them a little something to show that you care that they care can really go a long way. At Allen’s Flower Market, we have some very great gift options, too.

city2Over here at Allen’s Flower Market and online, we offer a grand selection of gifts that are perfect for any occasion, including the President’s Day holiday. This includes beautiful flowers like our “City Slicker.”

This unique creation is sure to wow the recipient, and it is perfect for anyone who happens to have an exotic taste. Of course, this is only one of our many great arrangements available both in store and online.

If you don’t want to get them flowers, we have still got you covered. Sure we specialize in flowers, but we offer much more than that, too. In fact, we have gifts of all kinds.

If they have a sweet tooth, then we have just the tempting gourmet chocolates and brownies you are looking for Are they more of the healthy eater and clean living type? If that’s their preference, then we have a fresh seasonal fruit basket too and like our flowers, our gifts are always fresh.city3

Whatever you choose, remember that President’s Day is about recognizing our forefathers and even our more current presidents, including the tough decisions they have made and the strong leadership they represent.