High School Prom Arrives in Long Beach

Another year of school has flown past and it’s a special time of year for all students but most of all for high school seniors that are finishing off their required learning time with numerous celebratory activities, including high school prom.

Long Beach high schools are abuzz with prom activities and planning, including picking the perfect dress, renting tuxes, and reserving limos.

It also means a trip to the local Long Beach florist of choice, Allen’s Flower Market, to select beautiful and fresh prom flowers, including a prom corsage that coordinates with your dress and a matching prom boutonniere for your handsome prom date. And, you might even want to consider a stunning floral hairpiece to finish off your prom attired.

We can create custom prom corsages and boutonnieres for your Long Beach prom event or you can select from our prom flower collection. Either way, you can benefit from a wide selection of unique and on-trend floral designs for both wrist corsages and pinned corsages.

You are able to select from numerous flower varieties and color palate.

We also have numerous accents, including different wrist formats like rhinestones and ribbons. Other accents include feathers and decorative wire to add a special flourish to your prom corsage.

If you are opting for a prom corsage and corresponding prom boutonniere from our online prom flower collection, you can order online or call our Long Beach flower shop.

We encourage you to order as early as possible to enjoy the best selection possible for your big prom night!

Prom Season has Arrived in Long Beach

AFM2For juniors and seniors in Long Beach-area high schools, it’s the time to celebrate and make memories at prom.

While there is a lot to prepare for the big dance, we’re here to help ensure that your prom flowers, including prom boutonniere and prom corsage, are easy to pick out, order, and receive.afm4

Here are some of the types of prom flowers we offer that illustrate a diverse range of colors, flower varieties, and floral design styles:

  • Three Hot Pink Rose Corsage Wristlet has three hot pink roses along with red dendrobium orchids, red hypericum, hot pink grass, rhinestones and greenery.
  • Perfectly Purple is a wristlet corsage with three purple roses, misty blue, and purple ribbon.
  • Alsroe & Roses features alstromeria, roses, and ribbons designed into a wristlet corsage for prom.
  • The Fancy Freesia Corsage has white roses, freesia, and spray roses along with dark blue bella donna delphinium, seeded eucalyptus, and a stain bow. It can be used as a corsage for the wrist or worn as a traditional pin-on.
  • Roses in Bombay has white roses, rhinestones, ivy and Bombay dendrobiums tied with a white bow.afm3

Each of these prom corsages has a matching prom boutonniere so you can be assured that your date will be the perfect match.

We also can create custom prom corsages and custom prom boutonnieres.afm5

To create your own custom prom flowers, you will need to make an appointment with our  floral design team and then come in to our Long Beach flower shop.

You can order your prom flowers online, in our Long Beach flower shop, or by phone. We encourage you to order as early as possible. We deliver or you can pick up in our Long Beach flower shop.

Long Beach Prom Season is Here!

AFM7Tux? Check! Dress? Check! Limo? Check! Prom flowers? Oh no! Don’t worry, our Long Beach flower shop is here to help you find that perfect boutonniere and corsage combination from our existing prom flower collection or one that you custom create with our floral design team.

Many people just like you throughout Long Beach are getting ready for prom, which signals the end of your junior or senior year at a Long Beach area high school, and we want to make sure you make it memorable plus take all the hassle out of getting ready for it.AFM6

Common Prom Flower Questions

Here are some answers to some common prom flower questions that you may be asking and are not sure what the answer might be:

  • Should the corsage match the dress? It can but it really is better to pick a complimentary color so it stands out. The corsage and boutonniere, however, should match in terms of flower variety and color so everyone knows the two of you are a couple.
  • What are big prom flower trends this year? Prom wristlets with rhinestones, pearls, and jewels are very popular. Also in demand are flowers for the hair, especially if you are opting to wear your hair up for the big dance.
  • Who orders and pays for the corsage? Traditionally, it was always that the man got the corsage and the woman bought the boutonniere, but it is typically something where everyone goes together or Mom is just put in charge of the ordering and the paying part.AFM10

Custom Prom Corsages and Boutonnieres

If you don’t like the selection of prom corsages and boutonnieres we have displayed online or in our Long Beach flower shop, then you can come in and work directly with our floral design team. You can even bring in your dress to make sure the style and color are the right combination for this memorable dance.AFM3

Long Beach Prom Corsage and Boutonniere Delivery

We make prom flowers the easiest part of the prom preparation. That’s because we can hand deliver your prom corsage and boutonniere straight to your door on the day of prom. That saves one of many errands that you will make that day and will guarantee you the freshest flowers.

Prom Season is Here with Custom-Designed Prom Flowers, Corsages, and Boutonnieres

AFM1It’s time for prom season and, at Allen’s Flower Market, of Long Beach, we are here to make it a fun, fast, and fabulous process to pick out your corsage and boutonniere and then have these hand-delivered to you whether you are in Long Beach, Los Angeles, or the Orange County area. You can also order online through our flower shop website for even greater convenience.AFM2

Our prom flowers, including corsages and boutonnieres, come in a range of colors and styles to match your prom attire. Flower choices include such beautiful options as agapanthus, alstroemeria, calla lilies, carnations, roses, cymbidium orchids and dedrobium orchids.AFM3

Here are some examples of corsages, boutonnieres, and flowers for the hair that you can choose from that illustrate the various styles, accents, colors, and flower varieties that we can use for the big dance.AFM4


This corsage for the wrist includes three hot pink roses, red dendrobium orchids, red hypericum, hot pink grass, greenery and rhinestones.


This wristlet corsage includes three purple roses, misty blue, and a purple ribbon. AFM5


This is designed into a wristlet corsage that has three pink roses on a beaded jeweled keepsake wristlet.AFM7


This unique corsage wristlet contains two shades of orange roses, hypericom, eucalyptus, and ribbons.AFM8


This extraordinary wristlet corsage has blush dendrobium orchids, pink roses, lavender stock, seeded eucalyptus, ming fern, and rhinestones.


This striking corsage wristlet has yellow roses, eucalyptus shoots, hypericom, and ribbons.


This corsage for the hair consists of crespedia, roses, celosia, mini protea, seeded eucalyptus, and twine.


This hair corsage features pink, red, and peach roses as well as Stars of Bethlehem, red hypericom, lily grass, ruscus, and a range of greenery.


This unique boutonniere has white dot poms that have been tied together by a ribbon.


A white rose, three green dendrobium orchids, and pittosporum leaves have been made into an eye-catching boutonniere.

These are just a few of the many prom flower designs that our Long Beach flower shop design team has made. We offer many more floral designs for prom or you can work directly with our floral design staff and create your own.

Prom Time in Long Beach!

april7lb1Another school year is nearly over and many juniors and seniors are now planning for the big dance that closes out the year.

That’s right, it’s prom time at all Long Beach high schools, so we are already beginning to take orders for corsages, boutonnieres, and even flowers for the hair.

To help you get your high school student ready for the big dance, we’re here to offer advice on what looks best and how to choose something that offers beauty and value on a day that involves a lot of decisions about dresses, tuxes, limos, hair and makeup and dinner.april7lb2

Prom Flower Planning & Advice

Every year, there are trends in prom flowers that reflect the ongoing changes in fashion – from the retro look to the bling fling to the sophisticated set.

Our floral design team regularly peruses the fashion magazines to keep up on the latest dress trends to see how they can create corsages and floral designs for the hair to coordinate and showcase that style.

Whatever the trend, you don’t have to match the flower color to the dress.

If anything, you want to pick a color that coordinates but adds some contrast as you wear the corsage on your wrist or pinned on your dress. Of course, your final selection should match your date’s boutonniere in color and flower variety.april7lb6

Our Prom Flower Selection

We are proud to offer an extensive prom flower collection that represents a wide range of styles, flower varieties, and colors. This year, we have even added flowers for the hair, which is a beautiful addition for your prom ensemble.

Our website illustrates the real diversity in design that you can have with corsages that were once only about a couple of flowers tied together.april7lb3

Today, we can add all types of accents, such as rhinestones, pearls, and other custom jewelry as well as create bracelets that showcase the flowers.

Even boutonnieres can have a unique look as the pictures here show. Anything we can do that is unique and sets you apart from the rest of the prom crowd makes the night that much more special.april7lb4

Prom Flower Services

At Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach, we understand just how much goes into getting ready for prom, including the errands to pick up an altered dress, a trip to the hair salon, and tuxedo pick-up.

That’s why we offer prom flower delivery so you can save yourself one errand and spend more time getting ready for the big dance!

Order now to get the best selection and take advantage of our current sale on corsages and boutonnieres!april7lb5

It’s Prom Season in Long Beach! Time to Order Prom Flowers, Prom Corsages, and Prom Boutonnieres

promfm1As the school nears a close, Long Beach high school juniors and seniors are preparing for prom, the biggest dance of the year and a night of great memories with friends and loved ones. Besides the dresses, tuxes, and limos, it is time to think about prom flowers, including prom corsages and prom boutonnieres.

This blog offers some ideas and pictures to get you thinking about what to pick for the big dance.

Prom Corsages and Prom Boutonnieres

While your prom corsage does not have to match your dance and actually would be nice if it served as an accent color or complementary color, it should match the flowers used in your date’s prom boutonniere. So, decide who is buying what and when so you can coordinate your special flower accents for prom.promfm2

The floral designers at Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach have created a number of special prom corsages and prom boutonnieres for Long Beach students this year.

Included in our selection are some pretty magnificent flower choices that are both traditional and contemporary as well as reflect some of this year’s trends in prom flowers. We have Agapanthus, Alstroemeria, Calla Lilies, Carnations, Roses, Cymbidium Orchids and Dedrobium Orchids just to name a few.

Why Choose Us for Prom Flowers?

While we realize you have many options for prom corsages or prom boutonnieres, we have some great reasons why you should choose Allen’s Flower Market for prom flowers this year:

  • promfm3We were voted best florist in Long Beach in 2012.
  • We offer same day delivery for your prom corsages or prom boutonnieres.
  • We have a wide selection of prom flowers to choose from, including 50 options available to look at online right now!
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction because we know we only use the freshest flowers available.
  • We take orders online or in-store at our floral design center in Long Beach.
  • We provide a wide range of options for prom flowers, making it affordable for everyone. Many of our prom flowers are on sale for you!promfm4
  • We offer special ‘bling’ upgrades and enhancements to make your prom corsage and prom boutonniere stand out at prom! This includes bejeweled prom corsages and prom boutonnieres as well as those that feature jewelry straps instead of the traditional ribbon strap.

Order now as our Long Beach prom flowers go fast every year!