Be Sweet on the Sweetest Day

If you have family and friends, and chances are you probably do, the time of the year to celebrate them has come. Sweetest Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to show everyone important to you just how much you appreciate them.

What better way to do so then with a beautiful bouquet or arrangement from us over at Allen’s Flower Market?

What to Know about the Sweestest Day

It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy and October’s Sweetest Day is a prime example of that. The holiday that was started back in the 1920s for the sole purpose of being kind to the sick, elderly, and orphaned. Over time, the holiday was steered towards friends and family too but in the end it’s about being kind, pure and simple.

Sweetest Day is a holiday that is primarily celebrated in the north eastern part of the country, greatly around the Great Lakes region, but with the meaning behind the holiday; it should be celebrated all over the world.

The first Sweetest Day was planned and held in Cleveland; from there it began to spread and has now become what it is today. A holiday started to celebrate the elderly and those less fortunate still what it once was has become something more.

Now, the holiday is celebrated with friends, family and all those from before. Essentially, it is a day set aside to just be decent towards others.

Simple Ways to be Sweet

While no one should need a reason to celebrate their loved ones, if you really want a dedicated day then Sweetest Day is the perfect holiday. There are plenty of simple ways to show your family and friends just how much you care.

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