Check Out Our Tropical Flower Collection

AFM1If you can’t get to the Islands, you can always bring the Islands to you with our wide selection of tropical flowers that offer texture, color, and warmth into your home or that of a loved one who may receive them from you as a gift.

Tropical flowers tend to do very well in the Southern California climate due to the heat and humidity. AFM2

Check out these extraordinary tropical flowers from our Tropical Flower Collection available in our Long Beach flower shop and online through our website:

  • Red Skies offers red roses, white hydrangea, red ginger, white Oriental lilies and calla lilies in a tall clear glass vase. It also features curly willow, Hawaiian Ti leaves, and Bells of Ireland.AFM3
  • Slipstream is a unique floral display set amongst a bed of pebbles with tulips, orchids, and calla lilies.
  • Birds in Paradise has purple dendrobium orchids, lush greenery, and lots of Birds of Paradise.
  • Tropical Romance is contained within a wooden box and has tropical greenery, red ginger and anthuriums, cymbidium orchids, curly willow, and Bombay dendrobium orchids.AFM4
  • U Ray is a stunning tropical floral display with pin cushion protea, carnations, Birds of Paradise, red ginger, curly willow, variegated pittosporum, curly willow and tropical greenery in an isometric dish.
  • Island Paradise offers a wide range of bold tropical flowers and foliage from various parts of the Tropics all contained within a beautiful vase.AFM7

Some of our Tropical Flower arrangements are now on sale while supplies last, making this a great time to pick up something incredible to display at home or to give as a birthday, anniversary, or “just because” gift.

Order by phone or in our Long Beach flower shop or through our website today!

The Best Selection of Tropical Flowers

AFM1AFM2Besides our incredible service, floral design talent, and great value, one of the attributes that makes our Long Beach flower shop so unique is that we have one of the best selections of tropical flowers in Los Angeles and Orange County. Here are some of our amazing items in our tropical flower collection:

  • THE CITY SLICKER: This unique floral design illustrates the versatility, texture, and depth that can be found among the tropical flower varieties.
  • ISLAND ADVENTURE: This stunning display of tropical flowers includes birds of paradise, lush cymbidium orchids, and other fresh cut tropical flowers in an array of colors and sizes.
  • ISLAND BREEZE: This unique flower arrangement illustrates how tropical and traditional flowers blend well together. It contains a white cymbidium orchid, lavender and pink calla lilies, pink roses, monstera and bear grass leaves.
  • CARIBBEAN CARESS: This exquisite flower arrangement includes a wide array of traditional and tropical flowers that combine into something truly spectacular.AFM3
  • ISLAND PARADISE: This incredible vase arrangement is filled with bold, beautiful flowers as well as greenery to give you the best of what the islands have to offer.
  • BIRDS IN HAND: This flower arrangement is housed in a bubble bowl that holds birds of paradise, hydrangea, tiger lilies, cymbidium orchids, hypericum and delphinium.
  • BYE BYE BIRDIE: This beautiful flower display has birds of paradise, dendrobium orchids, pin cushion protea and assorted greenery hand arranged in a black ceramic dish.
  • JUNGLE LOVE: This arrangement contains heliconia, birds of paradise, ginger, oncydium orchids and tropical foliage in a glass cylinder that has been lined with curly willow.AFM4
  • U RAY: This spectacular tropical flower arrangement features red ginger, ti leaf, variegated pittosporum, curly willow, birds of paradise, carnations, pin cushion protea and assorted tropical greenery in an isometric dish.

Visit our website or our Long Beach flower shop to see these and other tropical flower arrangements that are perfect as gifts for any occasion as well as make for unique event flower displays for centerpieces and tables. We can also make custom tropical flower arrangements for gifts, decor, and events. Our floral design team is waiting to work with you to create something spectacular.

The Exotic Beauty of Tropical Flowers

tropicalafm6Reminding us all of pristine beaches and ocean breezes, it’s hard not to fall in love with tropical flowers. They are some of the most brightly colored and unique flowers available and make unique gifts for yourself or loved ones.

This blog post provides some interesting facts about tropical flowers and gives you some ideas about the types of tropical flower arrangements we have available.tropicalafm4

Interesting Facts about Tropical Flowers

There is a wide range of tropical flowers available, so we will only cover some general facts about tropical flowers as a family and then some interesting notables about certain varieties.

  • Tropical flowers thrive naturally in tropical climates only and cannot be found in other temperate regions of the world. The tropics are located near the equator and include the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
  • The largest flower in the world is a tropical flower known as Titan Arum found in Southeast Asia. Its blooms vary from seven to twelve feet in height!
  • The Amazon Lily is known for its sweet scent and is often used as a potted plant.  
  • The Bitter Gourd flowers are yellow and have edible fruit on them albeit the fruit is bitter.
  • Ginger flowers are some of the most stunning tropical flowers and are called rhizome because they are able to reproduce by themselves. This tropical flower can also be used for medicinal purposes.tropicalafm3
  • Tropical flowers are often associated with luxury and exoticism.  

Our Tropical Flower Arrangements

We have an extensive array of tropical flower arrangements that will beautify any home or office as well as work well as dramatic centerpieces for a summer wedding or event. Here are some of our tropical flower designs:tropicalafm2

  • Bam Boo Boo: This arrangement features orange lilies, green cymbidium orchids, coxcomb, millet hypericom and bamboo in a cube glass vase.
  • Birds in Hand: Birds of paradise, hydrangea, tiger lilies, cymbidium orchids, hypericum and delphinium decorate this bubble bowl tropical flower arrangement.
  • Green Goddess: Green cymbidium orchids, green hydrangea, green roses and purple hydrangea make up this arrangement that is features in a low-profile cylinder vase lined with Ti Leaf.
  • Mahalo: This thoughtfully designed tropical arrangement has many tropical flowers and foliage within a designer tray container.
  • Palm Beach: The exotic blooms in this arrangement include birds of paradise, red ginger, and anthuriums along with rich foliage.tropicalafm1

Our website contains over 48 tropical flower arrangements to choose from, but we can also custom design any type of tropical arrangement you might envision. Come into our flower shop in Long Beach or visit us online!

Our Tropical Flower Collection

tropicalafm4This blog post not only highlights our tropical flower collection, but it also offers some great tips on caring for them when you get them home or enjoy them at the office.

Selecting Tropical Flowers

We offer one of the best selections of tropical flowers in Long Beach. Our selection is fresh, affordable, and expansive. It includes:tropicalafm5

Zen Artistry: Beautiful dendrobium orchids, bamboo, green carnations, and assorted exotic greenery are arranged in an isometric ceramic container.
Birds of Paradise: This tropical arrangement includes Birds of Paradise, Pin Cushion Protea, Bamboo, and assorted tropical greenery in a Cylinder Vase.
Green Tropic: Birds of Paradise, Pin Cushion Protea, Green Yoko Ono Pom, Purple Dendrobium Orchids, Orange Tiger Lilly, and stunning greenery are beautifully arranged in a lined cube vase.
Tropical Thunder: Dendrobium Orchids, Roses, Lillies, Hydrangea, and Curley Willow are designed in a long and Low Rectangle Vase.

In addition to these beautiful tropical flower arrangements, we also have beautiful leis for high school and college graduation as well as tropical plants and tropical dish gardens that offer a beautiful focal point in a home or office setting.tropicalafm3

Ordering Tropical Flowers

When you or your recipient receive tropical flowers from our Long Beach shop, you will get a hand arranged and hand delivered arrangement.

We do not believe in throwing them in boxes and have you construct an arrangement yourself.

While tropical flowers are somewhat hardy, they do require special handling and care so we take great pride in presenting them in a beautiful way to your recipient.tropicalafm2

Caring for Tropical Flowers

When you receive a tropical flower arrangement or send one to a loved one, there are some specific ways to ensure that they last. The most important part is to give them an environment that is most conducive to their natural one.

However, don’t assume that this means lots of water. As with any flower or plant, they can get too much water and have their roots rot from all the water.

tropicalafm1Take into consideration your climate and where the plant comes from originally. Typically, you can get some instructions on care from the florist in terms of watering, sunlight and shade, soil and temperature. This will ensure that you can enjoy your tropical flower for a long time.