Open 24 Hours on Valentine’s Day

One of the most requested things we hear at our Long Beach flower shop is that customers really appreciate the convenience of the hours we stay open during certain holidays.

Year after year, we’ve done so on Valentine’s Day, starting the night before Valentine’s Day on February 13th and continuing into the evening of Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

Staying open 24 hours allows those of you who work different shifts to come in and shop rather than just relying on our website.

This way, we can work with you on designing what you would like and also take advantage of special seasonal items we have in our Long Beach flower shop, including Valentine’s Day stuffed animals, balloons, and greeting cards.

To get you in the mood to come shop in our Long Beach flower shop or our new Los Angeles florist location, check out some of these beautiful Valentine’s Day gift ideas:


This unique Valentine’s Day floral display is bound to impress. It offers five groupings of red roses. It’s something your loved one will never forget.


This gorgeous bouquet includes red roses, white snapdragons and hydrangea, and stargazer lilies. Each flower variety offers a special look and fragrance to capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day.


There are an incredible number of flower varieties and blooms included in this overflowing flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day. It includes white cymbidium orchids, Casa Blanca lilies, tulips, hydrangea, snapdragons, waxflower, and ruscus.


This is another large flower arrangement selection that delivers dozens of stems. There are flowers, such as cymbidium orchids, pink roses, and hydrangea along with exotic and seasonal greenery. 


This is one of our largest flower arrangements in our Valentine’s Day collection. It contains birds of paradise, snapdragons, larkspur, stargazer lilies, hydrangea, orchids, spray roses and more. There is too much to list here. You’ll have to come see it for yourself!


This stunner contains two colors of roses, orchids, tulips, and hydrangea in shades of pink, lavender. The flowers are hand-arranged in a leaf-lined container.


This very popular flower arrangement showcases red roses, hot pink spray roses, cymbidium orchids, succulents, and many other accent flowers and greenery.


This luxurious flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day offers elegance in its combination of purple phalaeonopsis orchids, pink hydrangea, and blue delphiniums.

We’re open and ready for you to come visit! We can’t wait to help you personally create your floral gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Poinsettia Day in Long Beach and Los Angeles

Poinsettia Day is Tuesday, December 12th. This is a great day to celebrate this festive flowering plant as well as spread holiday cheer by gifting someone else with a plant. You can also use these red or white Christmas plants to decorate your home, office, or event.

We have a wide range of sizes and bloom quantities to choose from in our poinsettia collection.  You can opt for single poinsettia plants or double poinsettia plants. Also, we have poinsettia garden arrangements that feature other plants and holiday accents in a keepsake wicker basket.


This arrangement has a basket full of poinsettia plants along with ivy plants.


This festive holiday garden arrangement includes a poinsettia plant, green and blooming plants, berries and pine cones.


This holiday basket is filled with winter flowers and plants that include dieffenbachia, fern, ivy, and poinsettia. There are also pinecones, balls, and ribbon within the wicker basket with a handle.

Holiday Collection

Besides these beautiful poinsettia options for Poinsettia Day and Christmas, there are also fresh wreaths and garlands, tabletop Christmas trees, centerpieces, bouquets, and flower arrangements. You can also get gifts like fresh baked goods, ornaments, stuffed animals, chocolates, and gourmet gift baskets. There are other seasonal items in our Long Beach flower shop. 

We are also doing custom holiday arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets for gifts, decor, and event. Be sure to make your appointment now to design something unique with our floral design team. 

Our Newest Location

Don’t forget that we are also now in Los Angeles. Our second flower shop just opened and is located at 4313 Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles, ÇA 90029. Their phone number is 323-378-3335 for orders and inquiries. We’d love to show you our latest flower shop. It is filled to the brim with holiday decor and festive cheer. Please come see us!


Allen’s Flower Market Voted Best Florist 2017

Allen’s Flower Market has been voted “Best Florist in Long Beach California” for a 6th consecutive year. The votes were tabulated by the BeachComber News, which conducts annual reader voting for all types of companies in the greater metro area. To read more about all the winners, you can visit

Celebrating Friends Around the World on International Friendship Day

AFM1July 30th is International Friendship Day, which is another day to recognize the amazing friends you may have in all corners of the globe.

You may not be able to talk every day but you know they are there for you and you for them if needed.AFM2

These special people can be reminded on this special occasion day with a great bouquet of flowers or a stunning flower arrangement.

Here are some ideas for you from our flower collection:

  • Summertime Roses is a bubble bowl full of 12 mixed color roses for a gorgeous display.
  • Summer Salsa offers orange, coral, and purple hues with roses, orchids, and dahlias as well as sunflowers in a clear glass vase that has been lined with unique leaves.
  • The Summer Flower Basket is a wicker-handled basket that contains summer flowers like mixed carnations and daisies.AFM3
  • The Iris Daisy Basket contains Scotch broom, leather leaf, iris, daisies and more displayed in a woven basket.
  • Something’s Wild has snapdragons, hydrangea, birds of paradise, gerbera daisies, protea, antherium and dendrobium orchids as well as tropical greenery all within a clear vase.
  • Gracefully Elegant has alstromeria, gerbera daisies, roses, snapdragons, lilies and more in various shades of pink.

You can also visit our Long Beach flower shop to check out more gift ideas for International Friendship Day or work with our floral design team on a custom flower arrangement or bouquet. AFM4

While we do deliver within Long Beach and around the country, we do also handle international deliveries through our network of florists around the world. We also have greeting cards and other special gifts in our Long Beach showroom that can enhance your gift for International Friendship Day.AFM5

If your friends are local, we also have gift baskets, green plants, and an online bakery of freshly made treats that can show your love.

However, we cannot offer same day delivery and require at least three business days in advance for a specific delivery date. AFM6International orders must be done by phone or in our Long Beach flower shop.

Check Out Our Stunning Floral Baskets and Dish Gardens

AFM1We have simply stunning floral baskets and unique dish gardens that make for great gifts and for even better décor for your home or office.

Check these out:AFM2

  • The Blooming Basket Garden has a combination of flowers and plants that can last for years with very little maintenance.AFM3
  • The Summer Garden Basket offers an arrangement of flowers, such as daisies, carnations, asters, sunflowers and liatris along with two purple African violet plants in a wicker basket.
  • The Pacific Planter offers a wicker basket full of green plants and fresh-cut daisies.AFM4
  • The Blissful Basket Garden has an African violet, green ivy, a hypoestes plant, a miniature rose plant and an azalea plant in a basket.
  • The Butterfly Garden Basket has different types of blooming plants with a few butterfly accents hovering above.
  • The Ceramic Dish Garden brings together easy-to-care-for green plants that have been arranged together in a ceramic dish.AFM5
  • The Seal Beach Dish Garden includes an assortment of green plants in a glass cube that has been decorated with a dragonfly and curly willow.
  • The Succulent Garden provides a decidedly different dish garden of desert succulent plants.AFM6

In our Long Beach flower shop, we offer an even larger variety of blooming plants, flower baskets, garden baskets and dish gardens.

We also have a wide array of green plants to choose from as well as many flowers and flower arrangements.

These are available for same day delivery anywhere in the Long Beach area.

Be sure to come in to our floral design center in Long Beach and see our complete selection.aFM7

You can also shop online to see some of the great options we have available for any occasion.AFM8



Celebrating Veteran’s Day

Our Veterans deserve your thanks. Every day, our armed forces are out risking their lives to protect us and our freedoms in this country.

We may argue amongst ourselves about who should represent this country and about what should be legal and accepted, but there is one thing that we all can and should agree on: Our Veterans deserve respect; they have more than earned it with their service and self-sacrifice for this country and us as citizens.

Commitment and Sacrifice

Veterans know more than any other person about commitment to a country filled with a billion people. Being willing to sacrifice themselves for this country and its billion people takes a different kind of person to be willing to through it all away for others and for that.

For them always being there for us, it is time for us to always be there for them. Politics don’t matter here; these people and these heroes are doing this for all of us, and we owe them our deepest gratitude.

Treat Them, Thank Them, and Be There for Them

Chances are you know a Veteran; they could be a friend or even a family member. They could have served in a time of peace or a time of war and no matter which, they deserve our gratitude.

There are many ways you can show you’re thanks to a member of the armed services. Sometimes, just walking up to them and thanking them is enough, but if you know them, know that there is so much more that you can do.

Take them out; if they are family or friends, then chances are you know what they like to eat anyways. Cover any and all expenses and be sure to thank them. Lunch, dinner, or for the early risers, breakfast can all be great ways to show thanks, but we live busy lives and not everyone lives close.

So what do you do if your Veteran isn’t just a few doors down? We urge you to still find a way to thank them. Sure you probably have thanked them in the past, but our soldiers really are the gift that keeps on giving. So whether it is a phone call, a card, letter or even just a message over the Internet, please remember to thank our troops this Veteran’s Day.

From everyone at Allen’s Flower Market, thank you to those who serve our country and keep us safe.

A Bountiful Gift Basket for Every Occasion this Fall Season

Fall is here and with it comes a whole new sort of holidays, birthdays and, of course, preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas (though most of you probably wait for the chaos of Black Friday to get all of the very best deals when shopping for Christmas gifts).

However, there are more than a couple holidays and events of all sorts that happen between now and Christmas, including Halloween and Thanksgiving. There are also the fall dinner parties and birthdays, so when one of these springs up on you, what do you do?

Gift Baskets Galore

We carry dozens of unique gift baskets that will fit the bill for any and all occasions, birthdays, parties, get well’s and even for those of you who just want to treat yourselves.

For instance, take our Cheese and Fruit basket. This delicacy is both gourmet and delicious and filled to the brim with scrumptious fruit and cheese. The Cheese and Fruit Basket is perfect for any dinner party, including the black tie ones in particular.

For the chocolate lovers, we have the amazingly gourmet and perky Chocolate and Coffee Basket.  This gourmet basket contains some of the highest quality chocolate available and, of course, the coffee is quite delicious, too.

Know one of those healthy living kind of people? Do they have a birthday coming up? If so, Allen’s Flower Market has the perfect basket. The Health Nut Basket is a gift basket filled to the brim with all kinds of great healthy snacks and it looks pretty, too.

Maybe they aren’t a health nut though and maybe they have a massive sweet tooth with an unquenchable thirst for yummy candies and great snack food. Well, it just so happens that our Junk Food Basket will put quite the smile on any junk food junkie as it is filled to the brim with all kinds of tasty treats.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we offer baskets of all shapes and sizes with all kinds of great treats inside. Perfect for all occasions and more, these gift baskets will be the talk of the party, shin dig, or office break room, so why not take a quick look at our whole selection?

You will quickly find that we didn’t just highlight the best because all of our baskets are just that good. Whether a junk food junkie or a health food nut, we offer something for everyone. Come see!