Celebrating National Wildflower Week

may12lb1From May 5 through May 11th, the wildflower is celebrated throughout the United States thanks to the creation of National Wildflower Week by the American Wildflower Society in 1988. Every May, the wildflower is celebrated for its beauty and rainbow of colors, serving as a reminder of the importance of protecting this natural resource.

What are Wildflowers?

Wildflowers are essentially flowers that grow wild, particularly in areas where they are not necessarily native but the wind and elements have carried their seeds and they have taken route. You often see fields of wildflowers in wooded areas, along the roadside, intermixed with other native or planted flowers and even in urban areas.may12lb2

Wildflowers are known to be hardy, low maintenance, and active. They often bloom more than one time per year and can handle all types of climates. In California, one of the most popular wildflowers is the poppy.

Since spring is here, this is a great time to go see wildflowers in their element, including the poppy. The Bureau of Land Management has an informative site where you can learn about some great places to go see wildflowers.

Wildflower Arrangements at Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach

Our Long Beach flower shop offers a wide array of wildflowers that we incorporate into our floral designs or that we can use to create a custom flower arrangement that features wildflowers. We have a few favorite wildflower arrangements that we would like to share with you:

  • The “Wildflower Basket” looks as though it was just picked from flower fields. It offers a wide variety of assorted wildflowers in an array of stunning colors all arranged within a beautiful basket.
  • A “Sunflowers Topiary Signature Design” is a bright and cheerful flower arrangement with a sunflower topiary that has been designed with wildflowers and lily grass and then tied with raffia.may12lb3
  • “English Elegance” shows you that even the wildness of wildflowers can be tamed and refined. This flower arrangement is like a combination of an English garden and a garden meadow of blooming wildflowers full of cool colors. The floral arrangement includes hydrangea, Andromeda, grape hyacinths, berzelia berries and roses.

Come into our Long Beach flower shop or shop online for these beautiful arrangements. With spring and summer, we have a wide array of wildflowers to enjoy!