Yom Kippur: The History of a Jewish Holy Day

The holy day Yom Kippur is a Jewish day of atonement for sins. On this day, they seek atonement of their sins towards both God and their fellow man. Traditionally celebrated on the 10th of September, in the modern western world and culture it is really only celebrated by the truly devout.

With that said though, it is not that some of the Jewish faith has stopped believing or doesn’t care, but we believe that it is quite the opposite. People’s lives are hectic. Allen’s Flower Market though would like to share with you the tradition of the holy day and perhaps a few ways to make celebrating it just a little easier.

Everyone Loves a History Lesson

Yom Kippur is traditionally a Jewish holy day; it is translated as ‘A Day of Atonement,’ but preparation for the ‘Atonement’ is important when celebrating this day. Typically, the preparation and some might argue the beginning of the holy day starts the day before. Both morning and afternoon prayer are taken early to prepare for a feast.

The feast is prepared to help one make it through the full day of fasting and care is taken to avoid salty foods and foods that do not easily digest. This care is, of course, taken when helping one make it through the rest of the evening (starting at sundown) and the next day without eating or drinking.

The day then consists of atonement with God through prayer, atonement with man through seeking forgiveness for those that you have wronged, and, of course, not eating or drinking. Atonement with God is simple enough, however with man it can be a bit complicated.

In the past, one could more easily atone to those they wronged; everyone knew everyone in those little villages. However living now, in a big city, it won’t exactly be easy to hunt down and apologize to the guy you cut off the other day.

Making a Difference

At Allen’s Flower Market, we believe that seeking atonement from your fellow man isn’t as complicated as it is made out to be. Everyone is busy, but chances are this month you will find yourself with at least a day of spare time.

Why not use that day to volunteer? If you really are that busy though, remember that just going out of your way to be a more decent and better person can make all the difference in the world. Celebrating Yom Kippur or know someone who is? Reward their sacrifice today with the fine gift of flowers.