Floral Designs and Treats for Holiday Parties in Long Beach

afm1Holiday parties traditionally carry on through the New Year. This year is even busier as Hanukkah falls toward the end of December, so there are many holiday parties going on in homes, offices, and event spaces.afm2

Our Long Beach flower shop is here to help with a range of floral designs to suit any holiday party theme, size, location and budget. Here are some ideas of floral designs:

  • Winter Bowl contains red and white flowers with festive ornaments and curly willow housed in a glass bubble bowl. It can be used to decorate a room or as a table centerpiece.
  • Margaritaville is a unique holiday party display of white dendrobium orchids, roses, hydrangea, limes and bear grass in an oversized margarita glass.afm3
  • Cosmopolitan is another unique floral display with orchids, hydrangea, and alstromeria gathered into bunches into a tall glass vase.
  • Holiday Orchid Bling features white hydrangea, white dendrobium orchids, llex berries and break fern displayed in a costume diamond decorated rectangle vase with river rock.
  • The Orchid Vase Trio offers elegant green cymbidium orchids in three different vases that have been filled with acrylic gems and accented with holiday greenery. Each one has a red ribbon tied around it.afm4
  • The Snow White Centerpiece has white hydrangea, roses, dendrobium orchids, pittosporum and aspidistra leaves arranged into a centerpiece that sits on top of an acrylic pedestal.
  • Silvery Snowflakes creates a dramatic holiday party effect with a cube vase filled with white dendrobium orchids, seasonal greenery, silver pinecones, gold ornamental balls and other holiday accents.afm5

If you would like custom flower arrangements for your holiday party, please be sure to contact us by phone or email or you can stop in and make an appointment with our events coordinator who can work with you on creating unique décor for your upcoming event.afm6

In addition to our flowers, we also have some holiday treats to enhance your holiday event. This includes numerous fresh baked items from our bakery partner here in Long Beach with cookies, cakes, tarts and more to choose from as well as other goodies and seasonal treats.afm7

Call us today to get your holiday party decorated!

Planning a Holiday Party?

lb1Whether it is an intimate gathering of loved ones, and office holiday party, or a big Christmas or Hanukkah event, a lot of time and planning goes into creating a memorable event.lb2

Part of your planning includes decorations, and what better way to decorate than with beautiful flowers and festive evergreens? We’re here to help with some great ideas for your party that fits your style, theme, and budget.

Here are some great ideas for a memorable and visually stunning holiday event.lb3

Hanukkah Flowers

Here are some beautiful ideas for the Festival of Lights:


This sublime flower arrangement captures the look of a silvery snowflake against a cool winter sky with blue delphinium, white larkspur, and lilies. lb4


Another stunning arrangement, this one contains blue hydrangea, white hydrangea, and white calla lilies in a blue rectangular vase.lb5


This is a radiant white and blue bouquet of fresh flowers that includes Fuji mums, snapdragons, and alstromeria as well as blue delphinium in a gorgeous vase.lb6

Christmas Decorations for Holiday Parties

Here are some indoor and outdoor decorations that are sure to add a festive touch to your Christmas party or Christmas event:


Welcome everyone into your home with this stunning and festive evergreen wreath that contains many holiday accents.lb7


This is a holiday basket full of long-lasting, fresh-cut evergreens, holly, and ribbon that add holiday fragrance to your party.lb8


Perfect for a staircase decoration, this unique Douglass Fir Garland features fern, moss, eucalyptus, artichokes, peacock feathers, Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights.


This is a sophisticated flower arrangement that radiantly displays red roses and white hydrangea that is sure to add a luxurious look to your holiday event.


This flower arrangement is arranged in rows. The first Lfne (from left to right) has green hydrangea; the second has red carnations; the third has frosted pinecones; the fourth features gold Christmas ornaments; and the last line has holly.

Order Now!

Whether you choose from our holiday collection or work with the floral design team in our Long Beach flower shop, now is the time to order for your holiday party or holiday event. We have many flower arrangements and holiday décor already on sale!

Celebrating Hanukkah in Long Beach

dec1lb1Hanukkah began on Wednesday, November 27th at sundown and will continue for eight days and nights as part of the Jewish Festival of Lights. The celebration and gift giving will end on the evening of Thursday, December 5th.

Here, at Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach, we have put together a beautiful and elegant selection of Hanukkah flower arrangements that are waiting for your own table or for you to give to loved ones.dec1lb2

Long Beach Hanukkah Flower Arrangements

Here are some of our special Hanukkah arrangements available at our Long Beach flower shop as well as online through our virtual flower shop:

  • Hanukkah Nights is a lovely arrangement that includes hydrangea, delphiniums, white roses and larkspur displayed in a glass cube keepsake.
  • Happy Hanukkah is a festive flower arrangement that offers the beauty of a silvery snowflake with its selection of blue delphinium, white larkspur, and
  • Winter Nights has an eye-catching arrangement of flowers, including a mix of white and blue blossoms perfect to give as a gift or display in your own home during the Festival of Lights.dec1lb3
  • Hanukkah Centerpiece is drop dead gorgeous. It contains roses, lilies, and delphinium along with greenery and two candles. This is worthy to serve as the focal point of any Hanukkah feast table.
  • Celebrate is an aptly named flower arrangement that is perfect for the traditions of Hanukkah. Along with a stunning variety of flowers, this holiday centerpiece is decorated with silver-sparkled accents plus two tall silver taper candles.

All of these Hanukkah arrangements can be upgraded to larger sizes. Our Long Beach floral design team can also custom create any type of Hanukkah flower arrangement, Hanukkah centerpiece or Hanukkah place setting arrangement you desire.dec1lb4

Long Beach Hanukkah Gifts

Hanukkah gifts are also available, including fresh fruit baskets, gourmet food baskets, online bakery items and more. Be sure to check our selection online or view our in-store gifts when you visit us in Long Beach.

Same Day Delivery for Hanukkah in Long Beach

We offer same day delivery for Hanukkah for the Long Beach and some of the surrounding areas. Order can be placed in our Long Beach flower shop or online.

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Converge for “Thanksgivukkah” for the First Time Since 1888!

thanksLB1The last time Thanksgiving and Hanukkah occurred on the same night was 1888. According to one calculation, this convergence will not happen again for another 77,798 years. This year, November is Thanksgiving and the first full day of the eight-day Jewish festival of lights, which begins at sundown the previous night.fallbeach1

If you practice both, you may be wondering how you can address both holidays on the same feast table and decorate to accommodate both holidays. The design team at Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach has some tips of making the most of this convergence without making extra work during an already hectic time.

Decorating the Table for Thanksgivvukah  

To make the most of both holidays, including acknowledging the traditions and symbols of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, here are some ways you can integrate both at your dining table and throughout your home.

  • Create individual centerpieces to accompany each place setting or use a single flower like a rose or orchid. Then, add a decorative dreidel to pay homage to Hanukkah as well.falllb5
  • Order small and large centerpieces as well as bouquets to put throughout the family table and on tables in a foyer to welcome guests, using the traditional colors of each holiday in the flower arrangements.
  • Have Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach take a family heirloom like a vase or bowl and use this as the base for a special holiday flower arrangement.   Hanukkah2
  • Rather than deciding on a menorah versus having a cornucopia – a key symbol of each holiday – why not use both or add something that incorporates both. This could be what many are calling a menurkey. They can be made out of gourds, wood, or metal, paying tribute to the symbols of both holidays.
  • Use candles everywhere as they are important symbols for both holidays. You can put them in the centerpieces as well as set up hurricane candles on sideboards and mantels throughout the home.

Time to Place Your Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Flower Arrangements Now!

Orders are already coming in for Hanukkah and Thanksgiving, including flower arrangements, flower centerpieces, gifts and more. Now is the time to place your holiday flower and gift orders so you can get exactly what you want and also take advantage of many of our holiday sales and holiday promotions at our Long Beach flower shop and online through our website and Facebook page. Hanukkah1

The Traditions of Hanukkah

Hanukkah2As with most all ancient holiday celebrations, there are many traditional ways of celebrating the eight-day Hanukkah festival. This ancient Jewish holiday, which started on December 8, 2012 and goes on for eight whole days of festivities, is continued to be celebrated today for what Jewish tradition calls ‘the miracle of the Menorah.’

As the story goes, the warriors returned to the holy temple after the many long days of fighting. When they went to light the Menorah, they found that there was only enough oil for it to burn a single day, but it burned for eight. The story of this miracle is why Hanukkah is celebrated today and why it is often called the festival of lights.Hanukkah1

The Festival of Lights

The nickname comes from the miracle that happened when the Menorah burned for eight days instead of one. Today, this is most often remembered through the tradition of having candles constantly lit throughout the whole holiday.

Families have lit candles all throughout the house in remembrance of the miracle that happened. The candle lighting is but one of many Hanukkah traditions.

The Dishes of Hanukkah

Hanukkah3Like most holidays, Hanukkah has different types of food and meals associated with it. Most of these foods are fried and or filled with cheese; it’s a celebration after all. Some of these traditional foods include:

  • Loukoumades are puff balls that are deep fried and dipped in honey. So basically they are doughnut holes and those are quite good.
  • Pancakes are also quite common; they are, of course, fried in oil to further remember the miracle of the oil.
  • Soft pretzels and even brisket are traditional foods of the holiday though many people like to enjoy those two at all times of the year.

Other Traditions of Hanukkah        

Gift giving is popular for the holiday because the lasting oil was looked at as a gift from God. As such, many families will exchange gifts over the eight-day celebration. When looking for a Hanukkah gift for a family member or friend, why not give them the gift of flowers as they are a miracle in themselves?Hanukkah4

Always fresh and always beautiful, Allen’s Flower Market stocks only the very best and freshest products grown locally. This means that not only are we keeping roots in the community, but we are also helping to support other small businesses by stimulating our local economy. We also have beautiful plants, flowering plants, and gorgeous gift baskets.