Fall Flowers Arriving to Our Long Beach Flower Shop

AFM1While we will miss summer, we are lucky to still enjoy great sunny weather here in Long Beach through the fall season plus see the new hues that autumn brings in the form of brightly colored leaves and flower varieties.AFM2

We are excited to have our fall flowers now in stock, which means you can come in and create your own special bouquets and displays with our cash and carry specials or you can purchase one of our spectacular new fall flower arrangement designs.AFM3

To get you in the mood for fall, which officially arrives on September 23rd, here are some of the new fall flower arrangements we have available online and in our Long Beach flower shop:

  • Harvest Hurricane is a fall floral centerpiece of orchids, lilies, foliage, berries and gerbera that comes in multiples sizes.AFM4
  • Tropical Fall puts a twist on the fall flower arrangement by gathering birds of paradise, ginger, orchids and anthurium along with tropical greenery.
  • The Rustic Cornucopia is another unique design that consists of sunflowers and daisies combined with cattails and fall leaves.
  • The Cornucopia Harvest is a stunning floral display with red roses, green trachelium, orange daisies, yellow alstroemeria, purple statice, viking poms, solidago, salal tips and eucalyptus that has been combined with faux fruit and a fall leaves.AFM5
  • The Fall Tropical Centerpiece also illustrates that a fall floral centerpiece can be anything but traditional. This one contains birds of paradise, anthuriums, protea, bells of Ireland and dendrobium orchids.AFM7
  • Autumn Wind is a gorgeous display of what fall flowers offer with cattails, yellow calla lilies, orange gerbera daisies, daisy poms, hypericom and safflower in a bunch vase.
  • The Fruit and Flower Basket brings together flower and fruit for a beautiful arrangement of fresh Top of Formfresh apples, oranges, and grapes with alstromeria, carnations, and gerberas in a square wicker basket that has been tied with a bow.AFM8
  • Winds of Fall offers a sublime display of hydrangeas, cream roses, orange gerbera daisies, hypericom and seeded eucalyptus in a clear glass bunch vase.

Look for these and more in our Long Beach flower shop. There are many new fall collectibles, gifts, and gift baskets also available to make any fall celebration that much more special!

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March is National Nutrition Month

lb7This month is National Nutrition Month, which is organized each year to focus on healthy lifestyles, including making smarter food choices for you and your family. It’s also designed to help people understand that eating well and enjoying healthy meals does not have to be expensive.

Nutritional Tips for Healthy Living

Not only do we have some great easy tips to enjoy a healthier lifestyle below that many of our staff here in our Long Beach flower shop follow, but we also have some ideas below that for sharing healthy foods with loved ones.goodieslb2

While we are not nutritionists, these are just some ideas that have helped us focus on healthier eating.

  • Skip the processed foods and opt for natural foods. Natural foods are always better than processed because they are more nutritious plus less expensive. Nature offers the best snacks like grapes, apples, oranges, nuts and more.
  • Shop by the season. A great way to eat healthy but keep the cost down is to shop by the season, selecting fruits and vegetables that are in season as your primary source of meals. These are fresher items that can guide you toward delicious soups and stews in the winter to fresh salads in the spring and summer.
  • Eat at home. Home-cooked meals tend to be less expensive and have a higher nutritional content without copious amounts of sodium and fat like those found in restaurants. Also, portion control can be kept more in line with what should be eaten rather than having a large plate at a restaurant put in front of you.nutritionF1

Our Healthy Fruit Baskets

We offer many different sizes and varieties of seasonal fruit baskets that are brimming over with juicy fruit options like grapes, apples, oranges, kiwis, bananas and more. Our Long Beach flower shop partners with trusted fruit farmers that deliver consistently fresh, high-quality fruit from their farms, which employ sustainable practices that ensure the environment is protected and maintained.nutritionF2

With such a variety and budget-friendly prices, these fresh fruit baskets are a good way to celebrate a special occasion or even as a “just because” to honor National Nutrition Month.

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Check out our fresh fruit selection online or in our Long Beach flower shop. Place your order today so you can get started celebrating National Nutrition Month!

The Sweetest Gift Baskets

LB1Gift baskets come in all varieties but we have some of the sweetest available. We thought we would share some of our very favorite sweet treat gift ideas with you as these are great ideas for any special occasion – a birthday, anniversary, office promotion, reward and recognition program, graduation, new baby and more!

  • A GOURMET COOKIE BASKET: This gift basket is filled with assorted gourmet and snack items along with chocolate chips cookies, chips, dips, sausage and other delicious items available in your preferred delivery area.LB2
  • A SNACK BASKET: The snack food basket is a little bit sweet and a little savory, including such temptations as Oreos, M & M’s, Pringles and more.
  • JUNK FOOD FANTASY: This gift basket is guaranteed to satisfy the cravings of anyone with a sweet tooth or that loves junk food. It is overflowing with candy bars, chips, soda and cookies and available in many sizes.
  • SUPER SWEET GIFT BASKET: This sweet delight contains chips, chocolate, and cookies in a beautiful woven gift basket. It’s easy to share because there is so much here!LB3

 These sweet treats are just a small sampling of what we have available. There are also sweet healthy gift baskets like seasonal fresh fruit or those that include a combination of gourmet sweets and fresh fruit items. Check with us on any available custom sweet gift baskets as well.

Other Sweet Delights

Besides these tempting sweet gift baskets, we also have other sweet delights. This includes a collection of chocolates, truffles, and chocolate dipped strawberries.LB4

Then, there is our online bakery with even more sweets to choose from, including a range of bakery delights that are made fresh daily by our bakery partner. These include cakes, brownies, cookies and cupcakes as well as fresh fruit tarts and more.

Sweet Treat Deliveries

Be sure to check with us at our Long Beach flower shop or by calling us to see where we deliver for our gift baskets and other sweet treats from our online bakery. We serve the Long Beach area as well as surrounding areas. Many of our items are available for national delivery through our preferred network of flower shops that offer the same or similar items.

March is National Nutrition Month

sweettreatsafm4This month is all about eating right and educating more people on just how easy and tasty it can be to make better food choices each day for ourselves and our families. This special educational month was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to call attention to the need of eating better and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

This year’s theme is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right.” We want to help you discover and enjoy that theme as well as make it convenient for you to gift loved ones with something that is healthy and reminds them just how much you care for them.nutritionF1

Fresh and Seasonal Fruit Baskets

One of the delicious ways we can do that for you is through our gourmet fruit baskets that are overflowing with juicy seasonal fruit from California and around the world. These baskets can include such healthy delights as apples, bears, California naval oranges, kiwi fruit, pineapples, California grapes and so much more.

These fresh fruit gift baskets come in various sizes or can be combined with gourmet food items and then shipped anywhere in Long Beach or the surrounding communities.

Fruit Desserts

Even dessert can be a healthy choice when it is topped with delicious fruit. Our online bakery features some fruit-themed treats. The first choice is a Mixed Fruit Tart, which has a butter cookie crust layered with rich pastry cream and topped with assorted fresh fruit that has been sealed with an apricot glaze.StrawberryMousseAthinlayerofstripedCake13081784800goodieslb2

Then there is the Strawberry Mouse Cake that is laden with strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries. This is a true California favorite as many of the strawberries come from local strawberry farms in Southern California.

Other Ideas

While the month celebrates nutrition, it still is part of a push for an overall healthy lifestyle so here are some other ideas you can consider:

  • Gourmet gift basket with fruit, healthy snacks, and an indoor green plant or blooming plant;
  • A flower arrangement, bouquet, or blooming basket; and
  • Balloons and a greeting card.

Whatever you choose let your recipient know that you want them to be healthy and are celebrating their efforts to date. Eating better helps reduce health-related problems and helps extend lives. In the end, that’s what we all want and enjoy!

Gift Baskets & Fresh Baked Gourmet Treats for Every Occasion

goodieslb4While we are partial to flowers, flowering plants, and plants, we do believe that there is always room for gift baskets and fresh baked gourmet treats as part of our offering to customers both in our Long Beach flower shop and through our online shopping channels, including our website and Facebook page.

This blog post offers some highlights from our gift basket and baked goods selection, which is perfect for any type of occasion and offers a tasty alternative to flowers.

Gift Baskets Galore

Our selection of gift baskets includes a wide range of gourmet food as well as fresh fruit. In fact, our current focus is on expanding our range of fresh fruit gift baskets to encourage healthy lifestyles as well as emphasize how healthy food can be just as delicious.

goodieslb3Currently, our collection of fresh fruit baskets includes 18 different baskets in various sizes, varieties, and prices. Each gourmet fruit basket that we sell is overflowing with delicious seasonal fruit from California and other parts of the world.

Our California fruit varieties include grapes and oranges while the other fresh fruit options include apples, pears, kiwis and pineapples.

Some of our fruit basket collection includes other goodies, including cheese, crackers, and other savory treats as well as some that may have slipped in a few chocolates.

Our Online Bakery

That’s not to say that there is not room for sweets and baked goods! And, we have added to that part of our delicious gift collection as well to tempt you and the recipients that receive these fresh items.goodieslb1

Our baked goods selection features some of the most popular items today and focus only on the highest quality items from our bakery partners.

Here are just a few of the tasty baked good items we have recently added:

  • Brownies
  • Chocolate Mousse Cake
  • French Macaroons
  • Cupcakes

Then there are all types of cookie assortments – from those that taste like you made them at home to fancy bakery-style cookies to cookies dipped in chocolate!goodieslb2

Not everything on here is baked! You must try the chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry mousse cake, or the mixed fruit tart!

Same Day Delivery!

Even if you remember a special occasion at the last minute, we can help you. We feature same-day gift basket and gift delivery service for Long Beach and the surrounding communities.

Grandparents Day is September 8th

tropicalafm5National Grandparents Day is just days away. How will you tell your grandparents you love them or that you respect their worldly wisdom and guidance? This national celebration is a special day set aside to let them know just how special they are even if you don’t already do that as often as possible.

dealafm3This blog post will help you get ready for celebrating this special day. Even though it is just days away doesn’t mean you can’t put something together last minute that will show your love and appreciation.

The History and Purpose of Grandparents Day

If you did not know how this special day came about, here’s a brief history. Basically, National Grandparent’s Day was started by Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade in 1970 in her home state of West Virginia. A few years later, it became a national holiday in 1978 that is now celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

The primary purpose has always been to recognize the value that grandparents play in the family unit and in the community. They represent experience and wisdom and provide a great example for grandchildren to emulate. Plus, they are often some of the most trusted caretakers for our children.

How to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Celebrating Grandparents Day is often a very personal matter and dependent on how near you are to each other, their health, and their preferences. Here are some ideas on ways you can love and honor them on their special day:earth3earth1

  • Pick up the phone and call them.
  • Write them a letter that tells them why you love and appreciate them.
  • Make them a card or special homemade gift.
  • Enjoy a day out together, visiting special places.
  • Reminisce over lunch or dinner.
  • Plan a family reunion.
  • Send them a gift that will brighten their day like flowers, a plant, or a gift basket.

If you plan to send them a gift from us at Allen’s Flower Market, know that you can get same day delivery for anywhere locally or nationally. We have a wide selection of stunning, high-quality, and affordable floral arrangements, indoor green plants and dish gardens, gifts and gift baskets, and cards that will be sure to make Grandparents Day that much more special.cookie1

Whatever you do, your grandparents will know just how much you love and appreciate them this Sunday and the whole year round!

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice! It’s National Chocolate Lovers’ Month

helen1We could not close out the month without mentioning one of our personal favorite holidays – that’s right, February is National Chocolate Lovers’ Month!

Many people enjoy the taste of chocolate — some like it dark while others go for milk or even white chocolate.  When it comes to enjoying chocolate, the possibilities are nearly endless.

You can get this sweet treat with a crisp, with all types of nuts, with fruit centers, with caramel and even as a truffle. We’ve even seen chocolate covered bacon!

To celebrate this month of chocolate and tell you about the types of chocolate we have, we thought we would dedicate this blog post to this sweet treat!

Interesting Facts about Chocolate

Chocolate has actually been treasured throughout history. Did you know that chocolate was actually used as currency by the Mayans? Of course, the chocolate of yesteryears is much different than that of today. Basically, it wasn’t sweetened at all. It also had the consistency of water and was translated to mean ‘bitter water.’

helen2But, it was not this liquid form that was used as currency by the Mayans. It was actually the cocoa bean. That’s right, the bean we use today to make our succulent chocolates was actually used as money way back when. It is true then — money really does grow on trees.

While you might call yourself or someone you know a chocolate lover, you may not compare to the Swiss. In Switzerland, one person eats an average of almost a kilogram of chocolate each month.  That is just over two pounds of chocolate a month.  helen3

Our Tempting Chocolate Selection

Our Helen Grace brand chocolates are perfect for any chocolate lover. This delicious assortment of chocolates is a great way to brighten up any chocolate lover’s day. They also make a great treat for you if you want to treat yourself.   

Looking for something familiar? Chocolate brands are often different, so why not go with a brand you know and love? Our Ghirardelli Assorted Squares is truly a chocolate lover’s dream come true.  We’ve also got Lindt brand chocolates as well as truffles and many other temptations to help you celebrate your love of chocolate.

helen4Those are just two of the many types of chocolate we have for you or your loved ones! With only a few days left in the month of February, it’s time to celebrate with a sweet treat!