Add the Beauty of Orchid Plants to a Home or Office for a Unique Look

lb1One of nature’s most beautiful and unique creations is the orchid plant. Often considered a luxurious selection among flowering plants, it is a choice that offers exceptional value because, with proper care, it can last a long time and even thrive.

Our blog post offers some great tips for caring for your orchid plant as well as introduces you to our fine selection of orchid plants.lb2

Caring for Orchid Plants

Take care of an orchid plant like you would for any potted houseplant or greenhouse plant. This means that while they enjoy some natural light, they should not be given too much of a good thing. The best is a windowsill in the morning or late afternoon with indirect light.

In terms of temperature, orchids are not used to extreme temperature changes and usually do well within ten-degree differences between day and night.

When feeding an orchid plant, use an orchid mix for soil that often contains mostly bark and a high-nitrogen food supply. Keep the soil lightly moist with watering twice a week on average during the summer and once a week in the wintertime. If you use a cache pot, be sure to empty out the excess water so the plant roots do not rot. In humid places, you may want to add gravel to the cache pot to help with water levels.lb3

Orchids do attract pests, including spider mites, aphids, and scale insects. You may need to spray your orchid with insecticidal soap to keep these insects away. If any area becomes infected by the pests and develop rot or fungus, you can cut these areas back. 

Our Orchid Plant Selection

Now that you know how to take care of an orchid, here are some beautiful ones to consider for your home or office or to give as a gift:lb4

  • Our Blue Philanopsis orchid plant is presented in a ceramic container.
  • Our Orchid Purse comes in a unique container.
  • This Phalaenopsis Orchid Garden offers a beautiful display.
  • The Philanopsis & Bamboo Garden combines two unique looks with a bamboo lattice all within a green ceramic container.
  • Our Orchid Garden comes in various sizes and color choices all within a basket.

Delivering Orchids

We hand deliver our orchid plants throughout Long Beach and areas of Los Angeles. Of course, we also offer national delivery through our network of preferred florists.lb5