Roses and Their Meaning

Red RosesWhile many of us attribute the meaning of a red rose to be love, there are many more meanings related to the various colors of roses available to us to give to friends, family, and other loved ones. As you shop for a rose bouquet or rose arrangement and want to make sure you are sending the right message with those roses, we thought you might enjoy this list of rose colors and their meanings.

Red Roses

Besides the universally understood message that red roses represent love, they also mean respect, beauty, and courage.

Dark Pink Roses

The dark pink rose is mean to show gratitude or let someone know you appreciate them or something they did for you.rosesfm1

Pink Roses

Regular pink roses say thank you as well as represent appreciation, admiration, grace and happiness.

Light Pink Roses

Light pink roses mean admiration, but they are also used in sympathy rose arrangements to let someone know you are feeling for them.rosesfm2

White Roses

The white rose represents purity and innocence. It can also be used to symbolize reverence, humility, or silence.

Yellow Roses

Often most associated with friendship, the yellow rose also represents delight, joy, and the promise of new beginnings.

Orange Roses

The color of orange is closely tied to desire and enthusiasm.

Red and White Roses

Sometimes, rose colors are combined to create even more meanings. In the case of red and white roses that are combined into a bouquet or arrangement, these represent unity.

Thornless Roses

Although not a color, a thornless rose also holds meaning and is thought to signify love at first sight.grandma3


Even a rosebud can hold some meaning. For example, a white rosebud represents girlhood while a red rosebud indicates loveliness and purity.

These are good to keep in mind when you are shopping for that perfect rose arrangement. We feature premium roses that offer long-lasting beauty no matter what color you choose. You can also buy them in any quantity – from a bud base to multiple dozens. We also have unique rose colors not listed here, such as blue or rainbow colored roses, which can create special meanings and memories for your loved one.

Stop into our Long Beach flower shop or order online through our virtual flower shop where you can enjoy roses of all colors that are hand arranged and hand delivered to your recipient.

Contemporary, Metropolitan, and Traditional Flower Designs

feb19lb4Not everyone has the same taste and that even holds true when it comes to flower varieties and flower arrangements. That’s why we offer every type of flower design imaginable – from traditional and contemporary to metropolitan and avant garde.

Defining Contemporary and Metropolitan

When it comes to contemporary and metropolitan, these are sophisticated designs that say more with less. Some are minimalist in design in order to let the unique flowers say it all, especially when using irises or orchids as well as tropical flower varieties.feb19lb3

Other contemporary designs use big and bold colors to create a dramatic effect. These may be deep orange, crimson, and purple flowers, which provide the most impact to the viewer. That’s not to say that a contemporary design can’t be monochromatic with white on white flowers to create a sophisticated statement.

These types of arrangements are great as décor for an office or in a modern home setting. Contemporary and metropolitan floral designs are also a great idea for an event, including a wedding or special occasion. Plus, they also make great gifts for recipients that like the modern design flair.

Traditional Flower Arrangements Can Still be Unique

That’s not to say that traditional floral designs have to be dull or visually uninspiring. They can be anything but, offering a unique look but relying on traditional flower choices, arrangement styles, and containers.feb19lb2

Traditional flowers tend to offer roses, hydrangea, carnations and tulips. However, these can still be arranged in an interesting way that stands out from that every day floral design.

This can include lining the containers with leaves or using branches and other unique greenery to show off the stunning flowers. Additionally ribbons or baskets provide a way to present a more traditional approach to floral designs.

These traditional flower arrangements can also work in homes and offices as well as for events and weddings and for recipients that prefer these flower varieties.

You Tell Us

Our floral design team does more than just create our collections each season; they are also here to work with you directly on custom floral designs that may not necessarily fit any particular design category or style but uniquely represent who you are or the person you are giving the flowers to.feb19lb1

Let us know what you want and how much you want to spend, and our floral design team will show you that anything is possible.

Send Your Love with “The Romantic” Arrangement this Valentine’s Day

feb11lb1Valentine’s Day is this Friday, so this is your last chance to order fresh flowers or gifts from Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach.

The good news is that we are still taking orders and will do so as long as we have flowers and gifts to do so. Not to mention we encourage you to stop in for our 24 hours of Valentine’s Day shopping with tacos that start at 9pm on February 13th!Teddy Bear

We just want to stress that it is a good idea to call, email, or come in now to place your Valentine’s Day order so you can take advantage of the variety and Valentine’s Day promotions now available for a limited time.

“The Romantic” – A Store Favorite for Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day arrangement has it all:

  • Your choice of one dozen premium, long stem Ecuadorian red roses;
  • A box of decadent chocolates;
  • A romantic Mylar balloon that expresses your love; and
  • A cute and cuddly teddy bear

So many great gifts in one choice! Your sweetheart will be sure to love it!Rose Heart

Valentine’s Day Highlights from Our Collection

If you are still deciding or not sure what your sweetheart will like, here are some highlights of what we have available for your consideration:

  • Premium Ecuadorian Roses – All colors and quantities, these beauties can be hand arranged into a bouquet all on their own with a touch of baby’s breath and greenery or they can be added to any of our extraordinary Valentine’s Day designs.
  • Unique Flowers and Designs – We have tropical and exotic flower arrangements to choose from, including some stunning orchids, as well as tulips and other stunning flowers.
  • Custom Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements – If you tell us what you want to spend, what flowers and colors your sweetheart loves the most, and describe a way you want to display it, our floral design team can custom create it for you.
  • Online Bakery – One of our real favorites has been the addition of our online bakery with cupcakes, cookies, tarts, brownies and cakes made daily and shipped direct to you from our bakery partner. These make great gifts as well as a treat to enjoy at the end of a romantic meal for two!zoom_CupcakeAsst13081771450
  • Gifts – We’ve got something for everyone on your Valentine’s Day list – for the guy and gal in your life, including mom, a sibling, grandparent or child. There are chocolates, healthy fruit options, gourmet gift baskets, balloons, stuffed animals and greeting cards galore. We also have some incredible fountains for indoor and outdoor use! Of course, there are also gift selections in every price point so you can treat your loved ones to some sweet gifts this Valentine’s Day.

What are you waiting for?!!!

Flowers, Fresh Baked Goods, Late-Night Shopping and Tacos: Spend Valentine’s Day with Allen’s Flower Market!

This year, we’ve made your Valentine’s Day shopping easy, convenient, and, well, tasty. While some of you may enjoy shopping more than others, our strategy for this special holiday of love should help all of you get in the spirit of giving.goodieslb2

Stunning Valentine’s Day Flowers and Gifts

Let’s start with our brand new Valentine’s Day flower collection. It’s bigger, better, fresher and packed with great values. Our online store even has many more shopping categories to choose from for Valentine’s Day so you can shop faster and smarter. There are gift ideas for men, women, and children as well as new categories for balloons, chocolates, and teddy bears.

We’ve increased the number of Valentine’s Day flower arrangements and bouquets, including more tulips, exotic and tropical flowers, and orchids. We also have a wide range of flowering plants and green plants to choose from.

Tulips In LoveDon’t forget that what you see online and in our store is only a fraction of what we offer. That’s because our incredible floral design team can custom create anything for you, providing an infinite amount of possibilities.

Our Online Bakery

Last year, we were excited to add a new product category to what we offer you and it has already been widely received. That’s our online bakery with delectable selections that are baked fresh daily by our preferred bakery partner.uniqueroseafm3

There is sure to be something to tempt you and your sweetheart to enjoy after a romantic dinner for two or as an afternoon delight. There is everything from cookies, cupcakes, and brownies to fruit tarts, macaroons, and mousse cakes.

One of our favorite jobs here is to taste test everything. After all, we need to make sure that what we are selling is the very best. And, our team can concur it’s all delicious!

Late-Night Shopping and Tacos

Last year, we tried a little experiment to see if it would help all our customers out not to mention attract more – and it did! So we are staying open all night again and bringing the tacos!StrawberryMousseAthinlayerofstripedCake13081784800

That’s right, we’ll be open straight through from February 13th through the 14th. That’s 24 hours straight to make sure you can get all your Valentine’s Day shopping done.

We’ll start serving tacos around 9pm so drop on by to enjoy some local Long Beach flavor and get your shopping done! We’d love to see you!