Veteran’s Day in Long Beach

AFM1Veteran’s Day is a special day that recognizes the men and women that have served our country across multiple battles, conflicts, and wars, helping to preserve our freedom and rights as a country and as citizens. Each year, November 11th is designated as Veteran’s Day.


AFM2This year, Long Beach decided to host its annual Veteran’s Day parade a bit early on Saturday, November 5th at 10am. The annual parade was started in 1996 by former Long Beach Councilman Jerry Shultz who wanted the city to have a patriotic event.


The event draws more than 15,000 people and reminds the community about the importance veterans play in our country. We need to honor and take care of the people who have taken care of us.


The parade kicks off at Atlantic and Harding at 10am and proceeds south on Atlantic to 56th Street and then returns north on Atlantic back to Harding. Come out and support our vets!


We also have made numerous patriotic flower arrangements available that you can order from our Long Beach flower shop by visiting or calling or ordering through our website.AFM4


From all of us at Allen’s Flower Market, we would like to thank our local Long Beach vets and those across our great country who so bravely fought on our behalf!

A Patriotic Salute on Veteran’s Day in Long Beach

AFM1This weekend, Long Beach was filled with celebrations for our veterans, including a parade and festival that was held on Saturday and which thanked all of our courageous veterans across multiple wars and conflicts.AFM2

Wednesday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day and there will still be many events, including graveside services and military events.

It’s also the opportunity to send your loved one a special flower arrangement to thank them for their service.

Here are just a few of the special patriotic flower arrangements we have available:

  • A Patriotic Salute includes red, white, and blue flowers in a vase.
  • Let Freedom Ring is a patriotic spray of red, white, and blue flowers.
  • The Patriotic Memorial Standing Spray has carnations, Fuji mums, delphinium, snapdragons and more in hues of red, white, and blue along with greenery and a ribbon.AFM6
  • The Patriotic Standing Spray is another gorgeous display of red, white, and blue flowers along with greenery.
  • The Patriot contains carnations, snapdragons, delphinium and Fuji mums with a ribbon and greenery.
  • The Patriotic Wreath is a white wreath with red carnations and blue delphinium as well as a patriotic ribbon with red, white, and blue designed to reflect the American flag.AFM3

Of course, we can also create custom Veteran’s Day flower arrangements for you and delivery locally or nationally.

We also design centerpieces, parade décor, and other flower arrangements for your Veteran’s Day event.

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Show Your Support for Veteran’s Day

flag1Veteran’s Day is Tuesday, November 11th, and the city of Long Beach is celebrating this weekend with a special parade and festival. The 18th Annual Long Beach Veterans Day Parade is Saturday, November 8th. It is a great way to honor the men and women that have served our country in all branches of the military.flag3

The parade includes close to 100 groups that will march to the theme of “A Salute to Those Who Have Served.” The participants will include local city council members and many veterans who have served in all of the military branches.

The Grand Marshal is Stephen J. Peck who is a veteran of the Vietnam War and heads a group called U.S. Vets, which helps vets find housing and get other essential services. Eric Cornell, a Long Beach police officer and Navy reservist, has been named the parade’s honorary grand marshal

Every year, there is an incredible turnout for this parade and the other festivities that are included in the event. It brings together the community to honor those that have protected our freedom, rights, and country. We look forward to joining in the festivities this weekend and seeing many of those in our community who have served in wars.

Veteran’s Day Flowers

We have an array of stunning patriotic flower arrangement ideas available online and in our stores that you can take advantage of for a special event. We are also your source for Veteran’s Day flowers, which includes patriotic wreaths, patriotic flower arrangements, and patriotic centerpieces as well as patriotic floral décor for parade floats and other Veteran’s Day events. flag2

Our floral design team can work with you to create something special and memorable for a Veteran’s Day event or to simply give as a gift to a loved one to recognize their service for this country. Visit our Long Beach flower shop and learn more about what we can create for this special day.

Order now for the best selection and to share with those vets that have done so much for our country!

Veterans’ Day is November 11th

memorialafm3Veterans’ Day is celebrated on November 11th each year and is a time to reflect on what all those who have served in the many wars have done for our country and for us as citizens.

This blog post provides background on this special day of remembrance and offers some information on some local Long Beach Veterans’ Day events.memorialafm4

Origins and Observance of Veterans’ Day

Veterans’ Day came about as a way to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended World War I. The armistice was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 to end World War I. In 1926, the U.S. Congress recognized it as a special day of prayer and thanksgiving, and it finally became a legal holiday in 1938.

Now, Veterans’ Day is a day for all veterans of all wars with parades and church services. It is also a time to raise our American flags. Some schools and businesses take the day off in respect of this special holiday.memorialafm1

Long Beach Veterans’ Day Events

Long Beach events for Veterans’ Day include many celebrations. First, the Aquarium of the Pacific is honoring all veterans with free admission on Veterans’ Day. Second, the Long Beach Veterans’ Day Parade is Saturday, November 9th at 10am at Atlantic Avenue. These events are two of the many locally planned celebrations to thank local Long Beach veterans.

Flowers for Veterans’ Day

Our Long Beach flower shop features many patriotic themed bouquets, flower arrangements, and memorial arrangements that can be used as gifts and for Veterans’ Day events.memorialafm2

Using a combination of red, white, and blue flowers, we can also create a custom Veterans’ Day arrangement to use as a centerpiece or as a gift for a beloved veteran. We can also design arrangements to use in parades and on floats.

From all of us at Allen’s Flower Market of Long Beach, we want to take this time and thank all of our veterans for their service and commitment to our country.